Long and Short Term Goals

Long and Short Term Goals
Prompted by Shopping for Time

Planning goals for the year is always a good way to start.  It helps me re- orient, re-evaluate and re-focus.  So often I can get so focused on today and tomorrow that I forget to look up… I like to take some time and think back over what I had planned to do last year and then think about what we actually did.  It also helps me think about what I’d like to get around to this year!

Some of my goals are lofty and some just things that need to get done.  I definitely don’t pose these as new year’s resolutions.  They aren’t things I want to change, but things I hope to accomplish in the next year!  It’s ok if you don’t make it to the end of your goal, it’s there to make you work hard towards it.  I know I always get more done when I have lofty goals than if they are easily reached!

As our lives change so do the nature of the goals!  It’s fun to look back over past years and see what was important or challenging and to see how we’ve grown as individuals and as a family.  Before Tonchi was born my goals had to do with research about having a baby, vaccines, what to eat in pregnancy, child training, and so much more along those lines.  I remember it was so overwhelming, but now three kids later (and one on the way!) it’s almost old hat!

Now what is overwhelming and the great unknown is the great venture into homeschooling!  It’s overwhelming to me because there are so many options, so many ways to do things and fear that I will fail.  As I start to narrow down the options that seem right for our family I know it will get much more manageable and lines will start to form!  I’m excited for this new chapter in our lives!

In the long term… this will be old hat!  What will I be researching then? Sports activities? Science clubs? Art classes? Who knows!  It will be a new and exciting time then as well!

So here are my main goals for the year and for the future 5 years.  Of course I have no idea what the next year, much less, the next 5 years hold, but I can still have ideas of what I’d like to do!  Things will change and that’s ok!

Short Term Goals:
(In 2013)

  1. Decide if we are going to register Tonchi for homeschooling or apply for religious exemption.
  2. Decide if we are going to join Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).
  3. Make homeschooling plans for next year.
  4. Make it a priority to do more fun things/experiential learning. Aim at getting out of the house more to learn.
  5. Spend less time inside.
  6. Take advantage of how close Washington DC is and use it for more learning opportunities.
  7. Finish repairs on our current home and get it ready to put on the market.
  8. Have a baby at home!
  9. Go camping more.
  10. Continue growing the blog, get more readers.
  11. Set one on one “dates” with each of the kids.
  12. Help the boys (ages 5 and 4) to make 2 or 3 goals for this year.

Long Term Goals: 
(in the next 5 years)

  1. Move to a new house with a yard and more space!
  2. Build Brian’s tree climbing business: Zacchaeus Tree Service – servicing the DC metro area!  Contact us for any tree trimming or removal services!
  3. Persevere in homeschooling.
  4. Plan a 10 year wedding anniversary trip.
  5. Explore God’s long term call on our lives.
  6. Find ways to serve others: the poor, the orphan and the widow those in need in our own community.
  7. Look into foster care, local adoption and/or international adoption.
  8. Continue to read, study, learn, research child instruction/training… never ending process!

Do you make resolutions or goals? Have hopes or dreams? for the coming year?  Maybe it’s just a bucket list!  I’d love to know what your goals are!  It might make me add a few! 😉  Please share!


2 thoughts on “Long and Short Term Goals

  1. So inspiring! Love Brian’s tree company too! We love the song and the bible story 🙂 Send me his info so I can post it to my neighborhood’s moms board!


  2. Just came back to this post via your post on the notebook today. How fun! W are planning a camping trip! AND maybe you can cross off another one for your ten year anniversary…. That’s so cool. 🙂


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