Dear Grieving Mother…

Dear grieving mother,

Oh mama, I’m so sorry. No mama should ever lose her baby. I lost my two baby boys at 20 weeks gestation, my friend lost her baby boy at 36 weeks gestation, and last week the niece of my dear friend unexpectedly died at 4 months. This should never happen. Continue reading “Dear Grieving Mother…”

Book Review: {Before Bethlehem}

Before Bethlehem

James J Fleglage

I just finished this book and it was perfect timing, just before Christmas.  It reminded me of “The Bronze Bow”.  I can’t say it was Biblically correct and there was certainly some creative license used. A super short summary would be exactly what the title states. Joseph’s life right up until the events in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth. Continue reading “Book Review: {Before Bethlehem}”

Merry Christmas!

It’s been too long yet again since we have written!  Here is our Christmas letter as a short update on our year! I wish there was a better way to post it, but with all the photos a link is best! So, the letter is below and the photos are attached as a link!

We hope and pray that your day has been blessed and joyous in Christ!  Blessings to you and your family!

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Book Review: {The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency}

The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

By, Alexander McCall Smith

I feel like I start all of my blog posts about book reviews the same way: “This was a really good read!” Apparently I just like to read. Continue reading “Book Review: {The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency}”

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jussi

How can it be two years already and how can’t it be more?  I certainly still think of you sweet baby boy and wonder what you would have been like at two!  Would it have been terrible twos?  I’d much rather take those terrible twos than the terrible twos of not having you here. Continue reading “Happy 2nd Birthday, Jussi”

Newborn Baby Aspen Photos

Don’t we ALL LOVE those precious newborn photos! Aspen was actually about 3 weeks old when these were taken. I didn’t get home from CA til he was 2 weeks old, and we just didn’t get to it right away! In fact, since our dear friends came to the airport to take photos of us arriving home AT 1AM, I was content and hadn’t really planned on taking more…. Although I would never say no! Continue reading “Newborn Baby Aspen Photos”

Book Review {The Girl on the Train}

The Girl on the Train
By, Paula Hawkins

Life is still flying by and I still feel like I’m running to catch up. I’m hoping that with in 6 months things will slow a bit and I can catch a breath. I know everyone says life only continues to speed up, but I’m making a conscious effort to say “no” to more things and being more protective of our home and family time. We all like to be on the go and have lots of exciting things to do, but I’m feeling the stress it’s placing on me and the rest of the family. Continue reading “Book Review {The Girl on the Train}”

{Book Review} The Other Side of Infamy

The Other Side of Infamy: My Journey Through Pearl Harbor and The World at War
By Jim Downing


A lot has changed in our life since the last time I posted! So much so, that I don’t know even where to start. So I won’t in this post!! Continue reading “{Book Review} The Other Side of Infamy”

2017/2018 Homeschool Lesson Plans

WARNING: Super long homeschool post…

In years past I’ve posted what our schedule and plans are for the homeschool year. Those of you who have followed my blog over the long haul know that a lot has changed. My posts have changed and what was my normal post almost no longer exists.

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Adoption Update

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted!  Lots has happened!  I’m back in VA with baby boy Aspen and I’m daily trying to quell the sibling rivalry, “Can I hold him next?  I only got 2 minutes and he held him for 5 minutes!  Why can’t I walk and hold him?  I want to give him the bottle!  Why can’t I hold him now? Let me burp him!” Continue reading “Adoption Update”