Tonchi’s 5th Grade Reading List

In our End of Year post for homeschooling I mentioned that I had kept a book list of what Tonchi had been reading for 5th grade. The following is that list! I also added a quote or two summarizing the book in Tonchi’s words.

He LOVES to read and this year I feel like we have done a good job finding books that he wants to read and enjoys as opposed to classics that I want him to read. So sometimes it’s my choice and sometimes his, but I’m so glad it’s not all graphic novels which is his preference. He has read his fair share of those as well, but I didn’t add them to the list!

The Girl Who Drank the Moon – Kelly Barnhill – “Story about dragons, mystical creatures, witches, magicians, volcanos and lots and lots of magic”

Time Spies – Bones in the Badlands – Candice Ransom

Time Spies – Gold in the Hills – Candice Ransom

Time Spies – Horses in the Wind – Candice Ransom

Hostage on the Nighthawk – William Penn – Dave and Neta Jackson – “Story of pirates, kidnappers, and treasure.”

Mask of the Wolfboy – Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth – Dave and Neta Jackson – “The Wolf Boy was beaten and attacked by wolves and he tries to save Christians during the time of the Boxer Rebellion”

Trial by Poison – Mary Slessor – Dave and Neta Jackson – “A 14- year old girl’s mother in Africa is going to have to eat a poison pill because she is falsely accused, but Mary saves her.”

I survived series – Lauren Tarshis – Lots of books about surviving disaster, bad guys, forest escapes, and intrigue”

The Explorer – Katherine Rundell – “About a few kids in an airplane that crashes in Brazil and they have to survive.”

The Wolf Wilder – Katherine Rundell – “11 year old girl has to survive in cold dark Russia with a boy and her wolves.”

Rooftoppers – Katherine Rundell – “Trying to find her mother after a shipwreck at sea.”

The Doll People – Ann M. Martin – “A lot of dolls come to life and make lots of rules about how to make sure people don’t find them. But then new dolls arrive…and it gets wild!”

Spy for the Night Riders – Martin Luther – Dave and Neta Jackson – “An apprentice finds a spy, but when trying to find hr she disappears! There is sabotage and theft!”

The Queen’s Smuggler – William Tyndale – Dave and Neta Jackson – “ A 15 year old girl is smuggling letter for one of the wives of Kin Henry the VIII.”

To the Edge of the World – Michele Tory – “I can’t really remember”

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street – Karina Yan Glaser – “ABout a family who has been living in their neighborhood for years and years, but their landlord says they have to go… no ones wants to leave.”

The Voyage to Magical North – Claire Fayers – “Seaborn was left in a rowboat with a piece of magical seashell. She runs off to sea with pirates…”

Journey to Dragon Island – Claire Fayers – “Brine travels with the pirates and two friends to a dragon island where she finds her long lost father and… more…”

The Hardy Boys – originals

Nancy Drew – books, but LOVES them!

Some of these book recommendations I’ve gotten from World Magazine in their book review section and others are from friends or 5th grade recommended reading lists! Coming soon will be a list of read-alouds that we have also done.

I’m more picky with our read-alouds, especially since I’m the one reading or listening with them!

I’d love to know what your 5th graders and 6th graders have been reading!!! We need a new list for next year!

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