Read Alouds

We LOVE to read! We are always reading or listening to a book on CD! My children get in trouble for reading instead of doing chores. Sometimes they get carsick for reading… but they continue to do it anyway. It’s like the WORST punishment if I go to the library and someone doesn’t get to come! Continue reading “Read Alouds”

Book Review {A Long Way Home} and Adoption

A Long Way Home

By Saroo Brierley

A book review and a few thoughts on adoption…

WOW! For anyone who has watched Lion, this is the autobiography of Saroo, the main character in the movie. While the movie was amazing, the book is even better! Of course there has to be drama in the movie to make it appealing to the masses… but for me… real human life is exciting enough, much less a story like Saroo has to tell! Continue reading “Book Review {A Long Way Home} and Adoption”

Tonchi’s 5th Grade Reading List

In our End of Year post for homeschooling I mentioned that I had kept a book list of what Tonchi had been reading for 5th grade. The following is that list! I also added a quote or two summarizing the book in Tonchi’s words. Continue reading “Tonchi’s 5th Grade Reading List”

Kidnapped by the Taliban

Kidnapped by the Taliban

By Dilip Joseph, MD with James Lund

IMG_20180516_135028638 (1)

Another book done! I usually finish a book with mixed feelings! I’m glad I made it to the end and I’m ready for something different, but often I’m sad the story has ended, or the story hasn’t ended and I want to know more. Continue reading “Kidnapped by the Taliban”

Book Review: {Charity and It’s Fruits}

Charity and It’s Fruits

By Jonathan Edwards

This post is a little bit a book review and a LOT about our culture and love. WOW! Big topic, I know. But something I feel very passionate about. I used to think loving people was easy and simple. It’s really not simple and it’s actually VERY difficult! Continue reading “Book Review: {Charity and It’s Fruits}”

Book Review: {Eleanor and Hick}

Eleanor and Hick

By, Susan Quinn

I actually finished this book a while back, but it still sits vividly in my mind. I still don’t quite know what to think about it. I found it a fascinating read and about a woman I didn’t previously know really anything about. And shamefacedly the only thing I thought, was that she looked a bit frumpy for a first lady. What a judgement to make when I didn’t know her and hadn’t read a thing about her. Purely a judgement based on a few photographs I’d seen. Continue reading “Book Review: {Eleanor and Hick}”

Teaching from Rest

Rest has been my theme this year. Not inactivity or laziness, but rest. Even in the chaos of life, the challenging and the difficult; to truly rest. I’ve worked hard to let go of the to do list more and not be married to my detailed plan for the entire year… page by page of each subject planned out. Continue reading “Teaching from Rest”

Book Review: {The Book Thief}

The Book Thief

By, Markus Zusak

This book has been on my “Need to Read” list for probably two or three years.  I’ve always enjoyed historical fiction from WWII era. I knew I would like this book, but I also knew I was going to need to be ready for whatever this book held.  Somehow I knew it wasn’t going to be a light read. Continue reading “Book Review: {The Book Thief}”

Book Review: {Far As the Curse Is Found}

Far as the Curse Is Found: Searching for God in Infertility, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth
Far As the Curse Is Found
Abigail Waldron

What a joy to read this book and to know this author. If you knew her, this book would mean so much more. She is kind, generous, loving, gracious, strong and also honest, humble, vulnerable and weak in this book. Continue reading “Book Review: {Far As the Curse Is Found}”

Hind’s Feet on High Places: {Book Review}


Hind’s Feet on High Places
By, Hannah Hurnard

It took me almost a year to read this book. I only read a few pages each morning at the end of my devotions. It’s really an amazing allegory about the Christian life much like Pilgrim’s Progress. God really used this book to encourage me through difficult times and to let me know that He is working even though all of life felt senseless and pointless and meaningless. Continue reading “Hind’s Feet on High Places: {Book Review}”