Book Review: {Far As the Curse Is Found}

Far as the Curse Is Found: Searching for God in Infertility, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth
Far As the Curse Is Found
Abigail Waldron

What a joy to read this book and to know this author. If you knew her, this book would mean so much more. She is kind, generous, loving, gracious, strong and also honest, humble, vulnerable and weak in this book.

She writes this book as she struggles having a second trimester loss and the sadness and grief that follows. Through the year after her loss she goes on a hunt to meet and speak with others who have had other sorts of losses. Infertility. Early loss. Late loss. And stillbirth. She has walked through many of these paths, unfortunately.

Sadly, just as this book hit the press she lost her precious Lily at 20 weeks into her pregnancy. This part of the story isn’t part of the book, but I want to honor this little girl’s life a long with Avalene, her missing daughter described in the book.

Each month Abby meets and speaks with friends, acquaintances and friends of friends to write their stories. To retell their loss, their struggles, their victory, their redemption, but in her story and in others… continued loss and grief.

Each chapter is a little about Abby and her walk and then an interview with a new family telling their story. I couldn’t put this book down. So often in our grief we just want to know we aren’t alone. We know that, if we have faith in God, we know He is with us, but it feels so lonely. It seems like no one else cares about us or that we get forgotten as months and years pass. But as the loss and grief may temper a little, the love doesn’t abate.

I don’t want to forget my boys. There is an aspect that I think I hold on to my grief because it’s a way that I can feel them. I know that I can let go of the sorrow and it won’t change my love for them and it won’t mean that I’m forgetting them. These stories also encourage me that no matter how many years pass, these children are still a part of me and of my family. The world may forget, but their mothers and fathers won’t ever forget.

I cried through most of this book, but it was tears of recognition. Knowing to some extent what these people were going through. Some of these families I just wanted to meet and hug and give a knowing look. I wanted to share that connection. But instead I shed tears and one day, hopefully, we will all meet in heaven, with ALL of our children.

I love this book and I think anyone struggling with infertility or any type of pregnancy loss, this book is great in the early days. It isn’t too deep. It’s easy to read and doesn’t take a lot of brain power to process nor is it overly theological or heady. It was perfect for the early weeks and months or sorrow.

I have a copy and I’m happy to share it with you! Just ask!


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