School Plans 2018/2019

We are getting ready to start school here in a few weeks. The last few weeks of summer we are going to milk and have as much summer fun as possible. The kids completed their summer reading program and now have coupons for all sorts of fun things like free put put, free camping, free boat ride, free ice cream, free tickets for the Potomac Nationals and the list could go on!

We are excited to do as many as we can, but even as I type this I’m starting to get a bit nervous for school next year. I’ve thought a lot about what we are going to do, I’ve planned, I’ve researched and I’ve listened to advice, but in the end I have to decide what I think is best for our family and what we feel God calling us to. There are SO many options that it can all be so overwhelming.

I’ve settled for pretty much our usual, Math-U-See for all the kids, Handwriting without Tears, Explode the Code, and a few other things. They will also have history, science and art at Co-op with books for those classes as well. Aisling and Xanthie will have choir and Tonchi and Koa, sign language.

I’m trying really hard not to plan too much. I will want us to have free time to sit and read a book together, to study God’s Word together, look at fun things and try new interests. I’ve allowed an hour at the start of school for these things, and I hope it helps us start our day with more peace, and expectation, and joy in learning. There are still the dreaded subjects, but for the most part they don’t complain about their co-op homework.

We spend a lot of time reading together and I definitely don’t want to lose that. We really enjoy it and we’ve made our way through quite an impressive list of books. I’m going to include that list hopefully later this week.

One of my goals for the summer was for each of the kids to find a new handiwork projects. I wanted to be able to help them with it while we had no real schedule until school. Then I was hoping they would be able to quietly do their projects while I’m reading to them. We are kinda running out of time for that, but hopefully we can get something set up soon.

We have all kinds of crafting supplies and books, but since we have been trying to move for the last year, most of that stuff has been packed up. I’m not one to go out and purchase a duplicate when I know we have it! So, some of that might just have to wait until we move.

And lastly for our plans, I usually try to use a spreadsheet to plan out what each day is going to look like. It helps me not try to push the kids into getting too much done each day and also to help them realize there is plenty of time to finish. I like to have a plan, not that we have to use it, but it helps me outline the day. I also wanted to figure out Monday’s in particular when each of them have to use the same computer to watch their Math video. And I like to watch it with them to make sure they understand the lesson for the week. That’s really hard when there are four lessons to watch as well as other subjects to accomplish!

Below I’ve included our schedule. Maybe it will help you!

School Schedule

So these are our plans… they are pretty roughly thrown together, but I want to be free to change it up if we need to. In years past I have written out assignments for the whole year at a time, but this year I’m just going to do it Sunday night for the week. It’s less stressful and I won’t get upset if we fall behind or get ahead!

So there you have it. Not sure if it’s really helpful, but I can say it’s helped me feel like I do have a bit of a plan! I’m hoping I can continue my growth in being laid back about it, but still accomplishing much!

As I work all this out, I’m keenly aware of my need for Jesus and His strength and encouragement to make it through another year.  It’s hard work, and I’m not feeling up to the task.  But that is a good place to be!  I’m not up for it, but God will meet me in that place and give me exactly what I need for that moment!  Of that I’m sure!

Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.  Psalm 55:22


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