It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these infections. My daughter however, gets them way too often. She is a ‘picker’ and is always pulling off scabs, peeling fingernails and the list could go on! Continue reading “Paronychia”

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

Do I dare even open this can of worms? Why yes, I do!…

I will start off to say that we have chosen NOT to vaccinate our children. As the parents of the wonderful kids we’ve been given, we are given the right and privilege to care for them in the best way we know how. With our research, study, and prayer we have decided what we believe is best for OUR family. It is NOT my right or privilege to decide what is right for YOUR family. That is your right and responsibility! Continue reading “Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated”

My Yellow Drink

Lately my posts have been deeper, more philosophical and not super joyful.. Time for a bit of a change. I’m certainly not always in that frame of mind,although it does seem to be more of a new norm for me! Continue reading “My Yellow Drink”

Rendering Lard

Lard!!! LARD!!! You may say… that’s what most people say when they hear we cook with lard. “Don’t you know that stuff ‘ll kill ya’!” “That’s what my mama cooked with back in the day.” “Your a nurse and you use saturated fats?” Continue reading “Rendering Lard”

Chili Five Spice Chicken Drumsticks

Last night I was lacking in inspiration, but was in NEED of a good dinner. Being prego I have no desire to be in the kitchen, but I REALLY want something good to eat and am always on the quest to find what it is. Chicken sounded good, but drumsticks or on the bone with skin was all I had in the freezer. Usually that isn’t my favorite way to cook chicken, but salty crispy chicken skin sounded good! Continue reading “Chili Five Spice Chicken Drumsticks”

Old Fashioned Cottage Cheese

Unfortunately I had an entire ½ gallon of raw milk that went sour.  I really didn’t want to dump it out, didn’t have the cultures to try making cheese and a few of my kids can’t have it at all, so I couldn’t try putting it in baked goods.  So what to do with it? Continue reading “Old Fashioned Cottage Cheese”

Sugar Substitutes

I’ve had this topic on my ‘to blog about’ list for a long time.  I just keep putting it off because there is so much to say that I have no idea where to start! 😉  I think a lot of my followers and readers already know a lot about this subject, but it is definitely something I feel passionate about.  That is in part due to the fact that my husbands health has seen a dramatic change since the change in our diets!   Continue reading “Sugar Substitutes”

Cough and Cold Symptoms

EVERY child with no exception contracts this before the age of 12 months!  Sometimes it is very mild and more a nuisance than anything.  However, there are other times where the mamas and papas are concerned, breathing is labored or rapid, sometimes a fever, sometimes wheezing and often a nasty wet cough.  Continue reading “Cough and Cold Symptoms”

Ginger Honey Elixir

This is one of our favorite winter cold remedies.  If you have a cough or sore throat this is just heavenly!  The heat and steam coming off of the warm tea will also help with the cough and congestion as well!  Even my boys love this and think of it as a treat even when they are sick! Continue reading “Ginger Honey Elixir”