Kombucha Part II {FAQs}

Recently we’ve shared a few of our kombucha SCOBYs and with it come 1000s of questions! Not that I don’t mind answering them.. in fact it’s quite a boost to the ego when people think you are the resident authority on something! Continue reading “Kombucha Part II {FAQs}”

Old Fashioned Cottage Cheese

Unfortunately I had an entire ½ gallon of raw milk that went sour.  I really didn’t want to dump it out, didn’t have the cultures to try making cheese and a few of my kids can’t have it at all, so I couldn’t try putting it in baked goods.  So what to do with it? Continue reading “Old Fashioned Cottage Cheese”

Homemade Fermented Ketchup

I had anxiously awaited that day for months!  I couldn’t wait until we finished the Costco sized bottle of ketchup.  I know I could have thrown it out, but I just couldn’t do it.  I could almost cry anytime I have to throw out food, especially when it’s really good whole foods!  That is certainly not the case with this particular corn syrup contaminated, red dyed, preservative infested brand!  Even though I knew that was true I still couldn’t bring myself to throw it out…. but we finished it in May of last year!  Just in time for summer bar-b-ques! Continue reading “Homemade Fermented Ketchup”

Nourishing Traditions Book Review: Part VIII- Fermented Vegetables & Fruits

Lacto-fermentation is something I’m relatively new to, but I’ve gotten a bit of practice over the last few months. I’ve successfully made sauerkraut, ketchup, mayonnaise, kimchi and some pickles.  We weren’t huge fans of the pickles (except for Tonchi who loves them).  The rest of us weren’t too thrilled with the flavor.  I think that was due to the fact we were expecting the flavor to be similar to traditional pickles, of which it wasn’t.  I also plan to try it a few more times with different ingredients. Continue reading “Nourishing Traditions Book Review: Part VIII- Fermented Vegetables & Fruits”

Fermented Mayonnaise

Mmmm… SO SO Yummy! The first time I made this I LOVED the recipe and it turned out amazing. It was thin like cake batter when I poured it in the jar, but after it fermented and was refrigerated for about a week it was as thick as icing! And OH so tasty! It didn’t have a fermented, tangy taste, which I liked, but it also didn’t taste like regular mayonnaise. This one called for a lot of sesame oil which gave it a very strong sesame taste. We liked it, but if that isn’t a flavor you typically enjoy I’d skip this recipe and move on the second one below. I think Brian really like this version because he associates sesame oil with Asian cooking and he called it his Asian mayonnaise! Continue reading “Fermented Mayonnaise”


What in the world is that? A friend of mine mentioned it to me, it sounded interesting, so I tried it! And let’s say, well, it definitely turned out very interesting!

I have a love affair with coffee and tea is only an option if coffee isn’t available. Consequently, I thought I might enjoy the Kombucha more if made out of my liquid of choice! Koffucha is Kombucha made with coffee instead of tea. It tastes a little sweet, a little tangy, a little fermented, a little like coffee and a little weird! It is a nice change, but I prefer my coffee and cream to taste like coffee and cream, so I think I’ll stick with the same old same old! Continue reading “Koffucha”

A Great Snack: Homemade Gluten Free Crackers and Yogurt Cheese

With hubby’s new diet I’ve really missed snack foods, especially crunchy things! And no, carrot sticks don’t cut it.  I have found this recipe and it’s been a huge hit and it totally satisfies my need!  Also since these crackers are made out of egg and nuts they are quite filling, so you really don’t feel the need to eat a lot of them and consequently they last longer!  I’m not able to blow through them all in one sitting unlike a box of crackers! Continue reading “A Great Snack: Homemade Gluten Free Crackers and Yogurt Cheese”


A while back I mentioned making Kombucha. I have made this a few times, but the flavor is a little too much like vinegar for me. I know I could brew it for a little less time to take out some of the vinegar taste, but I also want the amazing health benefits. I usually make kefir, but on occasion I do Kombucha. I kinda wax and wane on which I like most and which I’m convinced is better for me. Once I get on the band wagon of one I have it in the fridge all the time and then after a few months I switch back! Continue reading “Kombucha”