What in the world is that? A friend of mine mentioned it to me, it sounded interesting, so I tried it! And let’s say, well, it definitely turned out very interesting!

I have a love affair with coffee and tea is only an option if coffee isn’t available. Consequently, I thought I might enjoy the Kombucha more if made out of my liquid of choice! Koffucha is Kombucha made with coffee instead of tea. It tastes a little sweet, a little tangy, a little fermented, a little like coffee and a little weird! It is a nice change, but I prefer my coffee and cream to taste like coffee and cream, so I think I’ll stick with the same old same old!

I also am not sure what the nutrients are like in the Koffucha as opposed to the Kombucha. I know tea in and of its self has a lot of health benefits and I’m not really sure how this changes its beneficial properties.

I tried an iced Koffucha latte in the raw! I added half coffee and half raw milk. I did drink it, but the milk curdled, so I probably won’t try it that way again! It still tasted ok and it didn’t upset my stomach at all. Kombucha is supposed to aid digestion and I was definitely testing it by drinking the curdled milk! I’m guessing maybe they canceled each other out!

I was also trying to come up with some other ways to drink it that would taste good. With Kombucha you can add fruit or other juices to change the flavor, but I don’t really think ginger, lemon or strawberries would taste very good with the Koffucha flavor. I thought maybe coconut milk might add a nice flavor (and and added benefit: it won’t curdle!) or if I were to try the iced latte again, but blend it so that it becomes like a milk shake it probably wouldn’t curdle. I was thinking peppermint extract or just letting mint ferment or soak in it, that it would change the flavor nicely. Anyone have any other ideas?

Here is how I made it:


I only made 1.5 quarts of organic PLAIN coffee and add 1/2 cup of sugar as soon as it’s done. This is very similar recipe to the Kombucha, but I made a much smaller batch to try it out in case I didn’t like it. Stir coffee until the sugar is dissolved. Once cooled, add ½ cup of plain Kombucha and 1 of your extra Scoby’s. (When you make your second batch, you can use ½ cup of the Kombucha Coffee instead of the original Kombucha).

I think that the Kombucha Coffee ferments faster than the normal 6-14 days for plain Kombucha. But others think it takes longer. I fermented mine for 6 days. So keep taste testing it until the sugar has been eaten out.

I’ve been told this drink gets really carbonated and even ferments in the fridge after it is done!

Let me know if you try it out and how it works for you!

6 thoughts on “Koffucha

  1. I make koffucha regularly, but I cold brew it for up to 24 hrs. I use 2 quarts water for 1 1/2 cups of coffee. Dissolve 1 C sugar in the 3rd quart of water. Proceed as for kombucha. 1 C of kombucha (or coffucha from previous batch) and a scoby, either from coffucha or kombucha. I find the coffucha takes a bit longer than KT to ferment. I just add some raw sugar and a few raisins to the second ferment. I think I’ll have to try the cacao next time.


  2. I’ve not tried this yet. Am waiting for the current batch of Kombucha to finish, but I’m definitely going to give it a go!!! I’m thinking ground hazelnuts would make an awesome addition tk the 2f!


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