CSA Delivery {Week 6}

Last year I was VERY faithful about sending out a weekly email to all the CSA subscribers about what was in their box and how to use it or different recipes using their weekly ingredients.

Here we are 6 weeks in and this is the first post/email about what our boxes contain! Continue reading “CSA Delivery {Week 6}”

Rendering Lard

Lard!!! LARD!!! You may say… that’s what most people say when they hear we cook with lard. “Don’t you know that stuff ‘ll kill ya’!” “That’s what my mama cooked with back in the day.” “Your a nurse and you use saturated fats?” Continue reading “Rendering Lard”

Christmas Craft Ideas

Each year I make a decent number of Christmas gifts. Some years are more elaborate than others and sometimes everyone gets something handmade and other years just a few people. Sometimes I make a huge variety of items and some years it’s just a lot of one or two ideas. Continue reading “Christmas Craft Ideas”

CSA Week #19

So… my very last CSA post is later than usual. To be honest I completely forgot about writing it! You’d think after 19 weeks of posting each Tuesday about the CSA that it would be routine and I wouldn’t think about it anymore! 😉 Not so! I forgot! Continue reading “CSA Week #19”

CSA Week #18

Sorry not much to say this week. I was out of town to visit my Dad’s side of the family in FL for a long weekend. I wish it was for happier times, but my grandfather passed away last month and we were having a memorial for him. I took Xanthie with me and the other kiddos stayed at home with Papa. He had a lot of fun things planned for them, but unfortunately they got the stomach bug so I don’t think they even left the house. Continue reading “CSA Week #18”

CSA Week #16

Fall is certainly making it’s entrance! It was in the 30s at night this week and I had to wear a sweater coming out of work last weekend! It’s nice, but kinda sad at the same time. I just need to accept the fact that summer is over and fall is here for the next month or two. I need to enjoy the cooler weather before we have to pull out the winter paraphernalia! Continue reading “CSA Week #16”

CSA Week #15

As I said last week we are getting into fall and the foods that are such an enjoyable part of the season! I did make a large batch of chili which will last us for two dinners and a few lunches! It’s so nice to have an extra meal saved in the freezer for a rainy day! I’m sure now that I’m prego (7 weeks and counting!) I’ll really enjoy having those… you know… for the days that you just don’t have the energy to be in the kitchen! Continue reading “CSA Week #15”

CSA Week #14

I love the summer and I’m never ready to see it come to an end. I LOVE the hot weather, the pool, being outside so much and having a good cookout or picnic with friends and family. I have so many wonderful memories of summers past! But this summer is quickly coming to a close. I wore a long sleeved shirt today AND a sweater… it’s WAY too cold for the end of September in my book! Continue reading “CSA Week #14”

CSA Week #13

Another week has come and gone. Where does the time go? And yet there are times that Wednesdays can’t come soon enough because I want my surprise box full of veggies! I can’t believe we are on week 13. If feels like we should still be at the start of summer instead of back in school already. AND again, at the same time I feel like I haven’t been inside a grocery store in months. Continue reading “CSA Week #13”

CSA Week #12

But we had a dinner with friends and it was huge!!! There were 4 families which included 8 adults and 10 kiddos! The time together really was great! I made Mafe and everyone talked about how good it was and why hadn’t I shared the recipe… I HAVE!!! Quite a few times! Its is my favorite way to have eggplant and okra. AND you can hide organ meats in it, especially if you don’t like the flavor they hide well and no one can tell! I added green beans, sweet potatoes, egg plant, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, onions with a little chicken and some beef liver.

It was super yummy as the other fams can attest! So .. here is the recipe! Maybe someone will try it this week! 😉

But here are a few other recipes that maybe warrant a try as well. Most of these ingredients we’ve seen around the block these last few weeks. So not a lot new to say, but still yummy and all to be eaten this week!


Corn – Corn on the cob is a given, but I actually froze some of mine last week and may do the same this week. It’s best to boil it, then dump in ice cold water to quickly cool it and stop the cooking. Cut it off the cob and freeze it! It’s super simple and tastes like fresh corn in mid December! You can even freeze it still on the cob and have corn on the cob in mid December too! I’m short on freezer spaced, so I opted to cut it off!

Cucumbers – I LOVE cucumbers. Someone mentioned to me a while back that they usually eat their cucumbers raw… and that struck me… I don’t think I’ve EVER cooked a cucumber and the thought would never cross my mind to cook them!!! Struck me as odd that they USUALLY eat them raw… hmmm… how do they cook them???? I think I’m going to do some quick pickles this week to keep in the fridge for a week or two. The kids love them and they are simple!

Tomatoes – I’m looking forward to some cucumber, and tomato salad with a bit of balsamic vinegar and maybe a bit of goat cheese for a treat this week. Xanthie is allergic to dairy and since I’m still breastfeeding I’m dairy free too… I MISS CHEESE…I haven’t tried any goat or sheep’s, but I’m about to!!!

Potatoes – This past week I made some gluten free gnocchi. It turned out pretty well, but I don’t really have a recipe to share. I used this one, but found it needed a lot more starch than it called for, or I just estimated too many potatoes. It ,made a TON and the kids really liked it with fresh pesto on top! It still had a lot of a mashed potato flavor for me and not enough of the chewy pasta texture. It was a great way to use the potatoes though and I’m planning on perfecting a recipe to enjoy!

Zucchini – I used one of these in the Mafe and I have one more left with a bit of basil still on my plants outside. I’m contemplating some zucchini noodles and pesto for lunch tomorrow. But that might get vetoed since we’ve had that a few times recently. So, maybe we will have some fajitas and I’ll add it to the grilled veggies to add on top. We will see… not 100% sure yet!

Oh! And, Abby, one of our CSA group said she made this turkey chili this week and it used a lot of the ingredients we have been getting recently. She said it really tasted fantastic! Check it out if you are interested! I really appreciate her sharing it with us!

Peaches – Can NEVER go wrong with farm fresh peaches and I can’t say that enough! We’ve been enjoying these so much! Little Xanthie can eat a whole one on her own with juice running into her armpits and down to her ankles! She is in heaven! I made a peach cobbler last week that was AMAZING and SO delicious! I then served a bit of it for breakfast with some milk on top and of course that was a hit as well!

Apples – Apple season has started! I’m so excited! So many yummy things to do with apples! Apple sauce, apple butter, dried apples, apple pie, apples in oatmeal, apples with pork and the list could go on and on! We are planning to eat this weeks plain and enjoy the crisp crunch and enough juice to cover your hands! Those Honey Crisps are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

So there it is! One more week of ideas and veggies!