Ear Ache

As I mentioned a few posts back, I’m revamping and editing some of my older medical advice posts and updating everything. This is another post from 2011! Can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over 7 years! I hope you find this helpful or file it away for future reference!

Do you know any kids who have never had an earache or infection? This seems to be a rite of passage for young kids. Unfortunately it is assumed that we need to rush our kids to the Dr as soon as possible so that we can get that antibiotic that is necessary to rid the infection. We fear that our child might have permanent hearing loss or a ruptured eardrum if we don’t act quickly enough. Continue reading “Ear Ache”

Announcement: New Page!

In case you haven’t noticed! This post is to announce a new page on the blog! An you can find it just below the blog title.  Other pages include Home, About Me and Recipes.

Holistic RN Advice for Common Ailments

I’ve had this in mind for a long time, but have been slow on getting it put together. So even though it isn’t completed, I’ve started it and am making it live so that it can be used even in part! Now it will be much easier for returning peeps to be able to find the medical advice post they were looking for… or for you to refer others to the site for advice! Continue reading “Announcement: New Page!”


Eczema… oh how I really really dislike that word! The photo with this post is of Xanthie’s legs about two years ago. It hurts me to look at that photo and remember how much pain she was in. That was an exceptionally bad breakout, but the story of her life nonetheless. Continue reading “Eczema”

Plugged ducts and Mastitis

Here is another medical post I’ve been wanting to update. The original was in September 2013, and since I’ve been expanding my knowledge of homeopathics, essential oils and have been working in the birth world, I feel like I have much to add… so read on and hopefully you will find this info helpful!

So of course I had to jinx myself and mention plugged ducts and mastitis in my post on breastfeeding. All had been going well until a week ago. Continue reading “Plugged ducts and Mastitis”

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

I don’t remember ever getting this as a kid or any friends getting this, and yet now I feel like this has been a rite of passage for my kids generation. All of my children have had it and it continues to go around in our circles! Continue reading “Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease”

Sinus Infection

Hopefully spring is here and winter sickness and sniffles are on their way out! So maybe this post should be held until fall… but then, I thought… sometimes seasonal allergies can linger and progress into a sinus infection. So I figured I’d better arm you now before the seasonal allergy season starts, so that you can know what to do to help ward off an infection! Continue reading “Sinus Infection”


It’s been a while since I’ve had a baby teething! I had forgotten so much! But here we are!!! A baby teething again! It feels like it’s been so long ago!!! Continue reading “Teething”