It’s been a while since I’ve had a baby teething! I had forgotten so much! But here we are!!! A baby teething again! It feels like it’s been so long ago!!!

I am also doing things a little different than I did the last time! Traditionally we are told to give babies Tylenol or Motrin and there is little else to do to help them. But I beg to differ… there are SO many different options!

The following are a few things I’ve found to help our little ones, past and present!

  1.  Frozen wash cloth – I usually wet a few wash cloths, place them in a ziploc bag and place in the freezer. Once it’s frozen I pull it out and let baby chew on it! They LOVE the cold and the texture to soothe their sore gums! When one is no longer cold or they have tired on chewing on it, I rinse it well and refreeze. I’ll usually only do it two or three times before laundering. If it’s been left on the floor, or dragged around on the floor I’ll wash more frequently! It’s been a hit with Baby Aspen!
  2. Ice in a mesh bag – This little (unlike my 4 others) has been SUPER slow to want to eat food. He is currently 9 months old and GAGS if you put ice cream in his mouth! What is wrong with him!?!?!? I have used the mesh bag food feeders and put ice chips in them instead of food. It’s a good way to let them gum or chew on ice with out being worried they will choke on it! And they get hydrated in the meantime!
  3. Chamamilla – Currently my little even gags on homeopathics. Even the teething ones that dissolve in his mouth! I have recently found the liquid ampules of camamilla and it’s been life changing… literally! He LOVES them and he is so chill after taking them! I’m hooked on these, even if he isn’t!!! They include Chamomilla which relieves teething pain accompanied by irritability, Phytolacca decandra which relieves painful gums and Rheum officinale which relieves minor digestive disorders associated with teething
  4. Pacifier – even if they don’t want to suck on one, they can certainly chew on it!
  5. Clove oil – this is one to be super cautious with. It’s a VERY spicy oil, but it works wonders! It SO helps with any kind of tooth pain, even cavities! BUT! It’s not for the faint of heart! I’ve diluted it A LOT in coconut oil before putting it on baby’s gums. Otherwise the oil itself can cause them pain.
  6. Amber necklace – There are all kinds of thoughts on these. I’ve put them on all my babies, so I can’t really say if they have helped although we have never had miserable teethers. So maybe they have! I also just think they are cute!!! So I’m happy to have them wear them, even if they do nothing!
  7. Humphrey’s (Hyland’s)Teething Tablets – I think these homeopathics are AMAZING! They helped my olders SO much. Even if they weren’t teething, but just fussy, it would help them calm down. I wish I could given them to baby Aspen, but he gags on them and then it makes him throw up his most recent feeding… so for now they just sit on the shelf and taunt me!!

There is SO much we can do to help our little through tough teething troubles! I hope these idea help give relief to your babies and to you too! If there is something else that you have done and found helpful, please share!!! I’d love to know as we are in the thick of it now and for a while to come!

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