Household Cleaners

I try to be a minimalist, although I find myself being a collector. In the back of my mind plays the mantra that my father would always say, “You never know when you might need this!”  True, but do I really need to keep it until I MIGHT actually need it?  I might never need it!   Continue reading “Household Cleaners”

Homemade Toothpaste

This has been a huge subject of conversation and research in our house recently.  Commercial toothpastes have so many chemicals, additives, sweeteners, artificial colorings and a whole host of other stuff not to mention fluoride!  I’ve been on the hunt to find something all natural that works and doesn’t cost too much.  We’ve tried a few, but nothing we were 100% sold on.  Continue reading “Homemade Toothpaste”

Homemade, Natural, Organic Deodorant

What do you do if you have a smelly, stinky, uh well… pretty much offensive BO and it’s your own hubby?!?!?! Prior to getting married many of dear hubby’s friends warned me and said they couldn’t understand how I was going to put up with it! 😉 Continue reading “Homemade, Natural, Organic Deodorant”

Plantain Remedy

Plantain herb is usually found in most yards, but can be hard to find if you live in a neighborhood because of all the pesticides sprayed on the grass. This plant is GREAT for all kinds of natural remedies! Recently I made a tincture with plantain for my hubby. He gets poison ivy a lot because of the type of work he does and it often spreads and really is uncomfortable to him. He also gets it very easily. After hearing about this remedy from the Bulk Herb Store I decided to try it myself and it works great! It also feels nice and cool putting it on. Continue reading “Plantain Remedy”

Make your own Playdough!

This morning the boys wanted to play with playdough, but they quickly became bored with what they had! I decided to make them some new colors and they LOVED it! I also love it because I know what ingredients are in it and I know Koa is going to try and eat some of it! Don’t all kids do that? Or is it just mine! Continue reading “Make your own Playdough!”

Laundry Detergent

We have been making our own detergent for the last year or more and it has really worked well for us. I do use some spot remover on chocolate, dirt stains, blood or other such things from having two young boys, but any food marks, oil, yogurt, etc, comes out without a mark. My boys don’t wear much white so I can’t really say how it does with that. I do wear white, though and I feel like they come out just fine! Continue reading “Laundry Detergent”