Pork Tikka Masala

I know, I know. Chicken Tikka Masala is the dish… not pork. But I started making the dish and didn’t have chicken, but I did have pulled pork in the freezer! It had some liver mixed in, but no seasonings added… perfect. It made making this dish that much simpler. Continue reading “Pork Tikka Masala”

My Yellow Drink

Lately my posts have been deeper, more philosophical and not super joyful.. Time for a bit of a change. I’m certainly not always in that frame of mind,although it does seem to be more of a new norm for me! Continue reading “My Yellow Drink”

Veggie Rogan Josh

The other night Brian and I went out on a date night for dinner! That hasn’t happened in quite a while. A dear friend kept our kiddos safe and happy while we enjoyed a rainy cold night together! Brian planned it all out and we tried out a new Indian restaurant called Punjabi Junction. Continue reading “Veggie Rogan Josh”

Venison Vindaloo

What an AWESOME dish! I just love Indian food and so does Brian. I have taken two trips to India for medical missions and the food always amazes me. It is so full of flavor, a little bit spicy and with some sort of meat, but you really weren’t sure what it was. We were always told it was chicken, but sometimes I swore the rabbit cages had one less rabbit, or maybe one less stray dog today?! Not really sure… Continue reading “Venison Vindaloo”