My Yellow Drink

Lately my posts have been deeper, more philosophical and not super joyful.. Time for a bit of a change. I’m certainly not always in that frame of mind,although it does seem to be more of a new norm for me!

I think most around me would say that I still have a ready smile and a deep underlying joy that hasn’t disappeared although it may look a bit different. I do certainly cry much more easily and will go deep in conversation more often! I contemplate more and bear my heart frequently… But here I go back into the deep thinking!!!

The yellow drink…

Those of you who spend time with me often, will know that I’m usually noted carrying a quart mason jar with a yellow drink that is pulpy and looks a lot like OJ! It’s definitely not OJ! I would never drink that in quart quantities!!! But this stuff, also known as the Singing Canary, I down daily. I finish off two quarts and it really isn’t bad! I actually quite enjoy it!

I’m not going to post the exact recipe because it isn’t mine. It was recommended to me by my chiropractor thinking I may have low adrenal function. I do think after drinking this daily for 2 months, I have more energy, food cravings are curbed,  I sleep better (but that may be from regular chiropractic care), and I don’t have sugar/energy lows through out the day.

The ingredients include lemons, tumeric, whey protein, lemon essential oil, vanilla extract, salt, coconut oil and lots of added vitamin C. Trim Healthy Mama wrote this recipe after much trial and error and with taking taste into consideration. So with all their work, I don’t want to steel their thunder! Most people are very concerened about the flavor which they describe as a cremescicle… But I say its like Indian Lemon-Aid!!!  They also have great information about each ingredient, the reasons for including it and its purpose. Knowing all the science behind the drink makes me much more likely to consistently drink it! I highly recommened reading what they have to say about it!

I often joke that if you add a bit of rum it could certainly get you singing! But I love the reason for the name! Those with adrenal fatigue often are very tired and have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. This drink is supposed to help get you up and singing like a canary in the morning!!! I love it!!

I’m a firm believer, that if something tastes good to you, or you crave certain foods there is something your body needs. I’ve been craving salty foods for over a year and can’t get enough. This drink has taken those cravings away! I did change the recipe a bit to help suit my needs.

My changes:

  • 14 tsp salt instead of a pinch
  • I have a hard time swallowing pills, so I empty in my supplements (those that are powder in a capsule)! It really doesn’t change the flavor!
  • A little extra coconut oil mainly for the health benefits
  • And I don’t strain out the lemon pulp

Some of the changes were to save time… Others sanity, and the rest preference. I usually make my drink the night before so that it can chill it in the fridge and it’s ready when I getup. I also blend all the ingredients on high in my[amazon_link id=”B008H4SLV6″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] Vita-Mix[/amazon_link] so that the oils get emulsified.

So many friends ask what I m drinking and why… Now you know! Feel free to ask more questions if you like! It’s been super helpful for me and my goal of better health! Let me know if you try it and benefit from it as well!

Oh! And one more note! Something I learned… If you’re taking too much vitamin C it will “clear you out” if you know what I’m saying!! So you can back down on the dosage. I definitely don’t have that problem and I’m considering uping the milligrams in my drink a bit because those with adrenal fatigue actually have a vitamin C deficiency…. Just something I’m considering and you may as well!

Drink up! Salud!!


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