Home for Sale

Crickets here on the blog… crickets… It’s been so quiet! I’m sure some of you have wondered what in the world is going on and where I’ve gone… or maybe you haven’t noticed… and that’s ok too!

Lately our lives have been all about finding a house and getting a house ready to go on the market. It’s been a crazy amount of work and I fall into bed half dead each night. Moving is horrible and I never want to do it again! And this is ALL I’m doing. I’m not getting ready or preparing for school that’s supposed to be starting. I’m not getting my planning done on the Human Anatomy and Physiology class that I’m teaching in a few weeks. I’ve dropped all my friends. No one has been invited for dinner. We aren’t going to any of our summer concerts (we went to a few early in the summer). I’m not making it to my bootcamp workout class that I LOVE. And my poor kids have lost their summer. They thought we would get to visit some water parks, but we haven’t gotten to a single one… we’ve just been painting walls… again… cleaning windows, and scrubbing bathrooms and fixing the broken corners.

I know this is a season, but it had better be over soon! Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen some of what we have been up to, but I just haven’t had time to sit and write. I’m making the time now… at 10 o’clock at night. After taking stuff to the storage unit, organizing the attic and visiting my sweet sweet newborn nephew today. Crazy day, but that’s the way we roll these days… everyday!

I’m SO ready to move on to the next step in the Mintz Chaos and Mayhem. But I know that we have to walk through this first. I’m just really ready to be done. I find myself getting impatient and anxious at the same time. I run the money numbers over and over making sure that it’s actually going to work. We ‘ve been trying to move for over 7 years, but for many reasons it just hasn’t worked. Now it’s actually happening… it’s exciting and makes me nervous all at the same time.

But why be nervous or worried? God has definitely written this story. There are so many parts of it that couldn’t have been thought up. Like the home we are buying is owned by the parents of a friend of Brian’s. And that they would accept a contingency offer when no one is doing that these days. That our home had two contracts on it when it had been listed for less than 48 hours. And is selling for more than we asked! As stressful as it’s been, it’s obvious that God has this under control. It just continues to proceed forward at a steady pace and things continue to fall into place over and over again.

And yet I still can’t let go, rest and trust. I want to control and manage when I don’t need too… nor am I even able to do that! It’s just insane that I think I can! Anyway… all this to say. Life is crazy and will be for the next month, so I will still probably be MIA for a while. I’m going to post a few photos here of our house that we are saying goodbye to and once we move I will post some of our new place!

These photos I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago, but I still love them… and it is still so true…

I’m not sad yet, but I think the day that we lock the front door for the last time and hand the keys over to a new family, I might shed a few tears. So many memories here. So many good times and hard times. But all times I want to remember. It’s all part of our journey!

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