Planning My Day

Post Prompted by Shopping for Time

I originally planned out this schedule about 3 years ago and it is still my goal for the day and week.  A lot of time it changes, but it at least gives me an outline or idea of what my day and week will look like.  Also, because I have a plan, I’m more likely to get up and get things done.  I’ve found that if there is no reason for me to get up early, then I definitely won’t wake up ahead of the kids!  I would let them be my alarm clocks!

However, in all honesty, I have to say I haven’t been getting up at six for the last, oh, 3 months?  I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and just coming out of the morning sickness stage.  I didn’t have any of that nastiness with the other three… so this time it has definitely thrown me for a loop!  I’m just now starting to get back on track and getting up early enough to have some quiet time to myself at the start of of the day.

I’ve also found that by getting up early I’m ready to cheerfully greet my children with hugs and kisses instead of annoyance that I now have to get up since they are ALL jumping and romping on my bed!  A better morning sate of mind is partly due to getting up ahead of them, but part of it is probably just that I’m feeling better!

Since Brian lost his job just before Thanksgiving, he has been around more. He is working on starting his own business in tree trimming/removal, but business has been slow because of the cold weather.  Even though finances have been super tight it has actually been a real blessing to have him around.  Since I’ve found myself married to the couch recently, he has graciously been fixing all meals, running Aisling to the potty (almost 2, but can’t get her self up and down on her own yet) 20 times a day, laundry, and general household duties.  He has been so cheerful about it and I haven’t felt like I needed to make him a list of what to do.  It definitely isn’t done like I want it done and of course it’s on a totally different time schedule than I’d prefer, but it’s been good for me.  It has been so nice to have the help and also good for me to let go a bit and not be so controlling about the way I want things run!

So… now that things are starting to get back to normal and Brian has had a few jobs recently this schedule has been pulled back out again!  I’m still not up at 6:00, but at least aiming for 6:30 since the kidos usually make their appearance around 7:30 these days!  I know, I’m so blessed they sleep!

So take a look, see what you think!

6:00 – Coffee and Devotions:  Time for me to have quiet before the Lord at the start of the day.
7:00 – Kids get up and get breakfast
8:00 – Morning kido chores: Unload dishwasher, get dressed, make beds, clean room
9:00 – Start of school :devotions, math, handwriting, phonics, Five in a Row book time
10:00 – snack
11:00 – Finish up school and play time until lunch
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – 3:00 naps
3:00 – Free play
4:00 – Structured play: Playdough, stamps, painting, etc
6:00 – Dinner
7:30/8 – Kido bedtime
8:00 – Hubby and me time!
10:00 – Turn in

Monday: Meal plan for the week, at home day for getting school work done
Tuesday: Grocery shopping and errands in the morning
Wednesday: Field trip/activity day
Thursday: Community Bible Study and school after naps
Friday: Cleaning day and school work
Saturday: Usually Brian or I is working that day, but mornings are family time if possible
Sunday: Church in the morning and then spend time with grandparents in the afternoons

As I mentioned previously, this is just an outline or a goal, but it has been so helpful to me!  I hope you find it helpful as well and I’d love to hear if you have a daily/weekly schedule and how it goes for you!

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