Dinner Plans for a Month


Recently with the Holistic Mom’s Group there have been some recent diet changes in some families and some removing gluten and there has been a lot of chatter about what are good and easy meals to make, how to grocery shop, what are popular ingredients, what brand gluten free flour is good, etc.

One of the biggest ones that circulates periodically is what to make for dinner. I think all moms look for a change of pace here and there and we all love new dinner ideas.

I know I enjoy new ideas especially when they are Paleo diet friendly! Our family actually loves eating new foods. I was just thinking last week that we rarely repeat recipes except for our favorites, like Paleo pizza, chili, tacos, hamburgers, and other recipes like that. But I would say at least 75% of our dinners are new recipes.

A few people asked what our meal planning looks like, so I thought I would list out our last four weeks of dinners. Hopefully some of you will find this helpful. Then coming soon I’ll add a month of lunches and a month of breakfasts, or at least a list of ideas.

I know in my post about my kitchen notebook I mentioned how I organized my binder and what my meal planning sheets look like. Also, in my post on menu planning mentioned the fact that I usually go grocery shopping on Tuesdays so my meal plans run Tuesday – Monday. That way we have plenty of meals and plans for the weekend and I don’t have to worry about getting groceries. I especially like this since we often have busy weekends and time together as a family is limited and the last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time in the kitchen or have to go to the grocery store.

So here is what our past month has looked like:

Tuesday Corned beef hash with sweet potato and an egg on top
Wednesday Tamari Salmon on the grill with quinoa salad
Thursday Paleo Pizza w/ uncured pepperoni, dairy and soy free cheese, & veggies
Friday Fried rice – Brian’s go to when I’m working!
Saturday Leftovers
Sunday Green smoothies and popcorn
Monday Paleo BBQ chicken on the grill with grilled veggies
Tuesday Crock pot paleo BBQ pork chops with roasted brussel sprouts
Wednesday I worked and Brian took the kids to a birthday party and they had food prepared specifically for our kids allergies!
Thursday Mexican tuna steaks (salsa and guac on top) with salad
Friday Leftovers
Saturday Chick-fil-A for Koa’s birthday
Sunday Green smoothies and popcorn
Monday Veggie coconut curry over quinoa
Tuesday Paleo chicken nuggets with sweet potato fries and salad
Wednesday Swordfish with sauted onions and garlic and guac on top with salad
Thursday Pot luck meal with our bible study – I was assigned a veggie tray for the burgers and a paleo dessert that was also chocolate and coconut free.
Friday I worked – Brian made fried rice
Saturday Leftovers
Sunday Green smoothies and popcorn
Monday Chili from the freezer and paleo cornbread
Tuesday Fish sticks with tartar sauce and salad
Wednesday Chickpea curry over quinoa
Thursday Dinner out for my birthday
Friday Hambone soup and coconut flour bread
Saturday Curry chicken salad in lettuce wraps
Sunday Green smoothies and popcorn
Monday Leftovers


I love to hear if this is helpful.  If you benefit from a list like this, then I’d be happy to post this more often, just let me know!

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