House Decor {Design}

House Decor {Design}

I’m going to attempt a mini series as I work on redoing our living room. It was originally designed when I moved in to this house before I was married and definitely before kids. It had more of a modern feel with red, gray, black and white being the main colors. It now seems way too formal and isn’t at all what I like anymore. I’m going to keep the furniture and the gray paint on the walls, but I’m ready for more color and more fun!

Over the past few months I’ve spend a lot of time thinking about what I like and design ideas that are appealing and pleasing to me. I then ran them by dear hubby, who if you know him, has some pretty specific design opinions. He loves sleek and modern and sustainable. I definitely like the third, but I’m starting to move away from the sleek and modern look.  So how to convince him!!!???

I’m realizing I’m liking more the Anthropology look. Here are some photos of ideas that I like:

There are so many pluses to these ideas!!!! They are relatively simple, although A LOT of stuff… the colors are cheerful and fun, and most of this can be done on the cheap! Many of these ideas have pintrest recreates and I’ve also found a lot of options at thrift stores that I’ve been able to change, paint or reconstruct to make it what I want.

This process has been super exciting and fun and I can’t wait to share it with you! We are in a small space which make it easy to design because you don’t need much! We already have all the furniture we need, and I’m not planning on changing that. The pieces we have are pretty simple and mostly tan and white in color. I’m planning on changing what is around them or on them to get the look I’m going for!

As many of you know I like nice things, but I REALLY like (and need) super cheap! So far I’ve gotten quite a bit done and I’ve only spent $4. I’ve gotten paint from freecycle, curtains and fabric for the pillows at a thrift store, and new wall decor from a clothing swap for free! This is definitely speaking my language!

I’m not done, so I’ll be posting as I work on it. Hopefully I can continue working on the room fast enough that I can post about it too! This will keep me moving!

I’m not going to show you any photos of what I’ve done so far… but here is what it looked like… I hadn’t planned on posting a before and after, so I didn’t get a before photo and now it’s too late… so these will have to do!

Are you with me! I’m also getting rid of things as I go too! I’m minimizing and selling things! If it goes as planned I might even make some money on a remodel! How cool is that! I’ve got a few things posted on craigslist and if they sell then I’m ahead so far!

I’d love to know some of your favorite design tips! Do you have anything fun to share!!!!

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2 thoughts on “House Decor {Design}

  1. Fun!! I love watching people redo their spaces. The biggest thing I have learned is you can do a lot with fabric and paint. There are ainple sewing projects for most everything. Or even no-sew. Then you can paint the walls, paint fabric, paint furniture, paint little knickknacks… So fun! I’m about to paint some (free) bedside tables I got with chalk paint. I have herd you can make your own chalk paint too!


  2. You can make your own chalk paint! I saw it on pintrest, but I can’t remember how to do it. Mostly that’s what we are doing… pain and fabric changes! 😉 So fun!


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