House Decor {Final Reveal}

So this is it!!! I’m finished! Finally! I’m so tickled and so pleased with each corner! I’m also happy that it’s still kid friendly. There isn’t anything (except my grandmother’s quilt on the corner of the couch) that isn’t off limits for them! And it was done on the cheap so I’m not attached to it and I can replace for cheap from the thrift store as need be!

Quilt from my grandmother made from old feed sacks

Also, since this was so much fun and is so rewarding I thought I’d do it again… this time in the master bedroom… So… these design, painting and crafting posts will continue for a few more weeks as I add more projects to a new room!


There were two small last things to finish up. I had two more pillows to recover which I was able to find a dress (the orange and blue pillow) that had a broken shoulder strap and some scrap fabric at a clothing swap for free! So the recovering project only cost me in time! As an added bonus I think they look fantastic with the other colors and decor of the room. I’m pleased as punch!


The other last project were the china plates on the wall. Each of them I found at the thrift store and this was the most expensive part of the project. I think total it was $10 for the plates. I just bent some paperclips and used some crafting glue to attache them to the back of the plates for easy hangers. I think after looking at them for the last week I may want one more smallish plate for the top, but we shall see! So here are some photos of the final finished project!


3 thoughts on “House Decor {Final Reveal}

  1. Love your creativity! You surely don’t get it from me … Perhaps I could hire you to spiff up my family room? ☺


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