Our 9th Anniversary

I’m not a hopeless romantic, although my husband could probably be more described as such! Wednesday was our anniversary and we were on a family vacation with no one to watch the kids, so we really didn’t do anything special, like going out to eat or a night away or anything like that.

In fact, I had the kids help me make a card that I was going to write and give to dear hubby, but I didn’t want to write it on our packing list, knowing he would see it. I consequently left it at home. And… I didn’t buy one. I didn’t write anything, I didn’t even have a gift.

As I fail to proclaim my love and devotion to my hubby on the anniversary of 9 years married (and 14 years together), I want to attempt to make it up… even though it be small, by publicly declaring my love and devotion to him and our family!

Marriage is hard work! I knew it would be hard before hand, but you never really know what that means. Just like parenting is hard, but you don’t really get it until it’s 1am with a baby that won’t go to sleep and is to mad to nurse and had a blow out and needs to be changed while screaming as does the entire crib and you, the parent are so bleary eyed you can’t remember where the diapers are or the wipes and don’t know where to start the process to get everyone back in bed and sleeping!

Marriage is a different kind of hard, but also so rewarding. It’s so much fun to be doe eyed in love with your fiance. Even though that is special, love changes and grows deeper. Brian is my confidant, my lover, my soul mate, my partner in this crazy thing we call parenthood and life, the amazing father of our four children, my tree hugger and tree climber, the socialite, a very hard worker, just plain fun to be around, and my best friend.

I can’t image what life would be like with out him, nor do I want to think about it too hard! I’ve told him before that in the afternoons, daily, I’m frustrated with him… I’m upset if he is at home early because it means he doesn’t have enough work for his tree climbing company. But on the other hand if he isn’t home I’m upset because the day doesn’t seem complete until he walks in the door. What kind of wife am I??? I’m never happy! 😉 I only mean to say that life around the house just isn’t right until he gets home. When the whole family is back together after a busy day going in 1000 different directions.

Sorry, babe, for failing you on our anniversary and for not doing anything special. No gift, no card, nothing special, not even a nice meal! (We had hot dogs which he had to put on the grill!) Know that I love you and I’ll stick by you till death do us part. Thank you for loving me in all my failures, for putting up with my nagging and for all the little thoughtful things you do for me randomly (like bringing home a cup of Starbucks coffee when you know I’ve had a tough day!). You are simply amazing and I’m SO SO SO grateful to God that He brought you into my life and that you decided you wanted to walk it with me!

Sometimes I wonder why you would have married me! But I’m OH so thankful. You complete me in so many ways. You help me to slow down, enjoy the little things, give generously, laugh abundantly, view life through rose colored glasses, love endlessly, serve others, try new things, listen to lots of music, enjoy the outdoors, and so much more. My life is fuller with you in it.

Thank you. I love you to the moon and back!

6-11-2005 12-26-24 PM_Pitts
Wedding Day June 11th, 2005

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