CSA Week #17

This week my update will be a little shorter and maybe a little sweeter! 😉 Since our delivery came a day later than usual it’s kinda thrown off my schedule. I usually type up this email once the boxes have arrived and we get to see what’s inside!

This week however, my sister took the boys for the night last night and it was just Brian the girls and I for dinner and we decided to use a gift card (that wasn’t enough for all of us to eat on) and use it for dinner together. We wanted to do something special with them since they weren’t having a sleep-over with the cousins! So consequently we were out having fun and the CSA email promptly slipped my mind!

So here we are on Friday and I have to leave for work in less than an hour… so definitely shorter than usual, but I still wanted to get an email out to you all! It’s been a fun summer and I’ve really enjoyed sharing it with each of you! There are still two more weeks of devliery and I don’t know about you, but I’m really dreading the fact I’m actually going to have to start going to the grocery store once a week again! I think I was going about monthly all summer which definitely fits the schedule better!

Anyway… so what did we get in our boxes and what are some yummy recipes to try?

week 17

Cauliflower – I was wondering when we would get some of these! My kiddos love it broiled in the oven with broccoli mixed in drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper. I’ve also fried it in lard which was SUPER yummy and I also have a recipe for a pizza crust which is amazing if you can eat cheese!

Onions – We fly through these, so I’m always excited to get more onions in our box! Brian really likes liver and onions and I made an attempt to have it for dinner, but it didn’t turn out very good. I don’t like liver to begin with, but even Brian said it wasn’t that good. I guess I need practice, but I don’t really want to practice, cause I can’t stand the taste of liver plain! I guess he and my Mom will just have to have dinner together since they both love liver!

Peppers – This past week we had one of my favorite simple meals that doesn’t take long to prepare and you just roast in the oven. I had some left over meat, pork and chicken from previous dinners in the fridge.  I chopped up sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and some red pepper and mixed it all together and roasted for 1 hour in the oven at 350. It always turns out so well and we all love it! Our favorite is with sausage! How could you go wrong!!!

Cucumbers – Tuna and chicken salad are some of our lunch staples and we usually have it with cucumber dipped in or with the salad on top like crackers. We haven’t gotten any cucumbers in a few weeks, so it’s nice to have them again! I also like to make a quick pickle with them. This recipe is for beets, but you can put the cucumber in instead of beets and use the same recipe.

Potatoes – I made some burgers (probably the last of the season) last week and we had some french fries with it! They were yummy! Definitely the traditional way of serving them but it never gets old!

Sweet potatoes – Our usual way to have them is as fries for a side with dinner or chopped up and added to our roasted veggie dinner, which adds sweetness to the dish and I really think that’s what makes it. I also like to just throw some in the oven while I’m cleaning up breakfast and let them cook for an hour and a bit depending on how big they are. I then just turn the oven off when they are done and let them sit. It’s quick and easy and they are warm and not hot for lunch! Perfect temperature for the kids! Somtimes we put cheese on them or just a little coconut oil or butter. Paleo ranch dressing is good on top too!

Tomatoes – This past week I tried feeding my family more tomatoes, but they were done! I couldn’t put one more in their mouths! I still had about 12 on the counter so I just dehydrated them all! I’ll use them in soups later in the winter or add them to stock. Sometimes I’ll chop them up, add a few spices liek basil and oregano and cover in olive oil and let them sit in a far for a few months. They are super tasty on salads, and are great Chrstimas gifts!

Apples – Even though the family was done with the tomatoes, they aren’t done with the apples. In fact, I purchase a bushel of apples to use for making apple chips and apple sauce and the kids were eating them so fast that I didn’t get as much made as I had hoped. At almost any give time of the day you could find Xanthie toddling around the house with apple in hand! Part of the probablem was I left the box uncovered in the kitchen… my mistake!

Anyway… I hope you have a great week and you enjoy your veggies as the CSA is quickly coming to a close!


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