Kiddo Khaos

I don’t often blog this kind of stuff, but I also don’t have this much chaos in my house in one given day. There are always mishaps and frustrations and thoughtless things kids do, but these last two days are about all I can handle. I can say I’m SO glad they are all in bed and sleeping!

It all started two days ago. We were getting ready to leave for church and

Aisling yells, “Mama, come quick! Xanthie did something really bad!”

I walk into the kids closet (we keep the printer there, which currently doesn’t work, since we rarely print anything). Xanthie had found and opened the ink compartment and sprayed bright blue ink on the white berber carpet, on her Sunday dress and Aisling’s Sunday dress, 10 minutes before we were going to walk out the door.

I quickly did a youtube search and found that rubbing alcohol and windex were the two recommended treatments. Well… I didn’t have windex, but I had rubbing alcohol. I think the color lessened a bit, but maybe it just spread. The 5 pea sized spots are now a lighter blue, but now take up the area of the palm of my hand… times two. I did as much as I could, treated the girls dresses with water and spot remover and started the laundry… and ran out the door for church.

Well… the spots stayed as I tried a new cleaner today on the carpet and Aisling’s green plaid dress now has black spots, bleached spots and green areas that turned yellow. Definitely not a church dress anymore, but wearable around the house. That was enough for Sunday….

Monday morning I walk into the laundry room and almost slip and fall on my rear! I look down and there is blue soap all over the floor. I look up at the shelf and notice there is blue dripping down the shelf, down the wall and all over the whole laundry room floor. The valve on the Tide (for washing my cloth diapers) must have failed and my NEW Costco size container of Tide was all over the floor. There was only a little left in the bottom of the container.

Ahhh!!!! All I saw was dollar signs!

Unfortunately there were four shelves under the Tide. A box full of homemade and handmade soaps, LRL for deep cleaning diapers, kitchen sponges, two Costco sized bags of baking soda, toilet paper, lotions, bulk herbs and spices and definitely more. ALL of it was either saturated with Tide or the bag was so slippery I could hardly pick it up. Then… the floor was covered… completely blue. All the way under the shelf. And… did I mention… the laundry room is so small that I can’t get the shelf out of the room without removing the washer and dryer that are stacked. The detergent was also under the peel and stick linoleum. I wanted to scream!

I had no idea where to start. As I picked up baskets that held soap, Tide ran out in pools onto the floor, down my leg and all over my clothing. I wrapped stuff in a towel to rush it to the bathroom and still managed to leave drops on the carpet. How could I not? It was all over me too!

Again… I hear, “Mom! Xanthie did something really bad!” Uh oh! NOT good!

This time Brian runs downstairs and sees Xanthie with four of my bottles of vitamins completely dumped out! AHHH!!! Seriously! How did she get into that! and REALLY? She knows not to get ON TO the counter!

Brief break on the cleaning project to sort and re bottle vitamins. Once completed I went back upstairs to continue wiping up detergent. I was doing it with a dry cloth knowing that if I used a wet cloth it would only make an even more slippery sudsy mess.

I ended up with a huge trash bag of things that had to be thrown out. Toilet paper rolls that were saturated, over 10-15 bars of brand new soaps handmade from farmer’s markets, farms, and friends, boxes of diaper detergent that had become soaked and the powered thick and solid inside, LOTS of bottles of lotion, liquid detergent, shampoo that was so slippery that I could hardly pick it up, and the labels were completely eaten through. After I rinsed the soap off the outside the labels were gone and I had to re-label with a sharpy. The herbs and spices… I just wiped the best I could, those labels came off too… but I didn’t want to rinse them for fear I would ruin the contents.

Then another call, “Mom! Xanthie is making a mess in the kitchen!”

I thought she was up here playing with puzzles in her room, when did she go back downstairs? That girl can be so sneaky!

I run back downstairs to see her with three squeeze packets of applesauce I had gotten as a treat for lunches on days we are out and about. And she ate them ALL. With more applesauce smeared on the floor.

I’m about to pull my hair out!

How is this all happening in the same day! I can’t wait for this nightmare to be over. I don’t think I’ve had so many messes in the house at the same time. I can’t remember another day that has been so chaotic with not much really going on except ONE child getting into EVERYTHING when there is another HUGE mess I’m trying to clean up.

While I’m doing all of this, the other three kids have destroyed the playroom, removed the blankets and sheets from their beds, dumped an erector set onto the floor and brought all the blankets and sheets from Xanthie’s room into their room to build a fort!


Its just this evening, they are all asleep and they are cute and completely forgiven. It’s a bit comical now, but it was NOT comical this whole day. It was a bit surreal… this is not a typical day in our house, and I know that is not true of so many other moms!

I had started my day with a cup of coffee and time in God’s Word reading His truth and spending time in prayer. I’m so grateful I did. I can truly say my responses to my children and the chaos of the day wasn’t perfect, but I’m hoping that God’s Word tempered some of my sinful reactions!

I really hope tomorrow is an uneventful day!

Oh and photos! I didn’t have time to take photos… nor was it anywhere close to the forefront of my mind. Survival was about it! And maybe dreams of the return of my sanity! So this photo is just one I found somewhere online that is a pretty good rendition of my day!

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4 thoughts on “Kiddo Khaos

  1. Oh Bethanie! What a day?!?! And I know how you are!! I’m proud if you for not killing any if them! Hehehehehehehe. I’m glad you wrote it down AND shared it so others can see that craziness happens to you, too! Be blessed, my friend and rejoice that the day is over!! 😜😜😜😜😜


  2. Oh Bethanie! I think we’ve all been there a time or two!! Sounds to me like you have a very busy girly on your hands! Emily was and still is the same way! I used to get scared when she was too quiet! Glad you made it through the day yesterday! Hugs!!


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