Newborn Baby Aspen Photos

Don’t we ALL LOVE those precious newborn photos! Aspen was actually about 3 weeks old when these were taken. I didn’t get home from CA til he was 2 weeks old, and we just didn’t get to it right away! In fact, since our dear friends came to the airport to take photos of us arriving home AT 1AM, I was content and hadn’t really planned on taking more…. Although I would never say no!

M&M called me later that week after getting home and asked if they could donate towards our adoption by gifting us a newborn photo shoot! What a gift! With all the other bills rolling in from the adoption there was no way we would have been able to afford having it done! And yet, it’s one of the things I SO treasure from the other kids infancies! Looking back at those precious first moments and days with each little one is such a blessing.

I’m still so amazing and humbled by their generous gift to us of their talent and ability. I will NEVER forget and neither will Aspen as he gets to look back at these too and enjoy them!

So if you made it through that without skipping ahead to the anticipated photos I’m impressed!!!!


Check them out!

And also check out Bellani Art Photography to see more amazing photography or to leave them a little love note thanking M&M for their gift to our family!



















Don’t forget to check out Bellani Art Photography!!!!!

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