Be Real, Be Genuine

Life is messy. I’m prideful. I want people to think I’m perfect, I have it all together and my house is always perfectly clean and organized! Is it true? Absolutely not! Why do I feel the need to put up a false front? I’m not being honest, I’m not being real. Honestly this is one of the reasons I don’t have a personal page on facebook. I know myself and posting photos of perfect family life and wonderful times with my kids is what I would post.

We don’t just hurt ourselves when we do this, but we hurt others too. We often put value on our lives based on what we see others doing. I’m not doing enough with my kids, I’m not taking them enough places, teaching them enough of this or that or starting them on their third language.

I don’t have time to have fake friendships. I want to be real with other moms. I need their support, I need their help, their wisdom and expertise. I need humility to say I don’t know it all and I need help. We all need help!

Not only do I want to be real with other moms, but also with my own kids. They know I don’t have it all together, why do I pretend that I do? Why do I try to give my kids the impression that I know it all? They know I don’t?!?! I’m hurting me and them in the process.

Where does this need come from? Why can’t I just let it go?

This is an area that I’m really working on. Let it go… I don’t need to make good impressions. I need to make real impressions. I want to be completely real with people. And if my house is a mess, please come over and enjoy dinner or a playdate anyway And if we are behind on school and my kids are struggling to read, then give me your advice and maybe we’ll find something new that will work!

People are important. Relationships are important. If we aren’t real with each other then we can’t develop deep and lasting relationships that feed our souls and help build us into a better person.

I strongly believe that God created people to need other people. And we only mess it up when we pretend that we can do it on our own and that we don’t need each other. I know my tendency is to want to help others, but never need help myself. It’s NOT true, but I often want to uphold that impression. I’m only telling God he is wrong, that I don’t need others. I’m also not helping my kids see themselves and me in the appropriate way. I’m not allowing my husband to lead our family, care for me or help me when I pretend I can do it myself. I’m hurting me, my husband, my kids and my friends.

Lord, help me to stop… help me to need others and to be real with those around me. To grow in passion for you and your ways and that I can grow together with my friends and family around me. It’s such a simpler way to live… that I don’t have to keep up good impressions. But left on my own I won’t do it. I need YOUR help! And I pray for each of my readers, that they too can be real to their kids, their husband and their friends. That they will grow real and lasting and deep relationships that are true and genuine!

Photo: Daughter A at age 3… being herself… being real!

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