A MUST see – Virginia Bluebells

If you live in northern Virginia, you have to go see the bluebells at Bull Run Regional Park.  They are absolutely beautiful and SO breath taking.  Now is about the peak time to see them.  My mom and I went today with the kidos and we had a great time.  The ground is carpeted with them and the fragrance in the air is clean, fresh and so sweet!  When you think there can’t be more, you round the bend of the trail and there are more than you could ever imagine, stretching as far as you can see!

If you’ve never gone to take a hike or walk through the bluebells, you have no idea what you are missing. These flowers are known to grow in naturally moist, wooded areas; low lying ground around streams are the best place to find them. Bull Run Park isn’t the only place they are found; go explore a stream near you and go on a hunt!  They thrive in zones 2-8. I think they are bulbs, but also seed themselves as well.  Be sure you don’t pick them… it is illegal!  It is SO tempting though! 😉

You can plant them in your yard, although I’ve never tried.  They grow well under deciduous trees and come back every year!  Typically the blooms emerge in springtime, but die back in mid-summer.  The peak is usually during April and May.  If we ever have hot springs they disappear much more quickly.

Usually Virginia Bluebells have a periwinkle blue color, but can also be found in shades of white and pink.  These aromatic flowers have been known to attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. And even though the name suggests they only grow in the state of Virginia, they can be found in Quebec and Ontario, east to Maine, and south to the Gulf Coast.

So go do a little exploring!  The kids ought to enjoy some nice spring weather as well!  And an added bonus… they will take great afternoon naps!  Just a side note, the bluebell trail at Bull Run Park is often muddy and has beams across the trail to help keep shoes dry, but it is impossible to maneuver a stroller… so I don’t recommend even trying!  If you have a carrier of some sort this would be the time to use it!



2 thoughts on “A MUST see – Virginia Bluebells

  1. I have been to Bull Run Park, but never when the Bluebells were out!! I am definitely planning to go soon so I don’t miss them.


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