The Jew Store

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The Jew Store

By, Stella Suberman

I guess that not every book can be a fantastic read! Of course I had to finish it. I just can’t stop a book in the middle unless it is absolutely terrible. So, I read to the end and it was interesting as far as an autobiography goes, but wasn’t captivating. I didn’t enjoy the style of penmanship very much either. Maybe it was just a little harder to read than what I’m used to or maybe it was something else, but I had a hard time making time to sit down and read it.

I will say I did enjoy reading about a minority family in the 1920s. I remember hearing my grandmother talk a little about life during the depression and this book too addresses some of the hard times. I find that era of American history very interesting and this book did a good job of describing the life of a family.

It also made me think a lot about what life could have been like for my husband’s grandparents. His great grandparents were Jewish immigrants to New York City, and their children were raised and married (to other Jews) in NY as well. Brian’s parents were the first to marry non-Jew and I wonder how that was received by the family. I also wonder about his grandparents and if they experienced some of the discrimination that was prevalent during that time.

The book takes place in the South where there weren’t hardly any other Jews, synagogues, pickled herring or loxs! I know my husband’s family was in NY City for longer and had access at least to foods that were comforting and reminiscent of where they were from.

So all in all the book made me think about the lives of my family and think about what other people went through so that my life is what it is today. I won’t put this on the top of my list as one of my favorite reads, but I’m glad I read it and finished it!

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