The Power of the Clothesline

What better smell is there than clothing dried outside on the line!  The spring summer and fall is some of my favorite times of year and part of that is due to the fact that I can now hang laundry on the line!  There are so many benefits!  The smell, the time with the quiet, forced time to go outside, little ones who want to help, training children to learn to work, and the satisfaction of saving money while getting additional blessing!

It is so peaceful and rejuvenating to me to be able to spend some quiet time outside hanging a load of laundry.  Usually the kids are eating breakfast so I’m alone with my thoughts and enjoyment of organizing the clothing by size, color, family member, etc.  Just a little satisfaction to feed my ‘Type A’ necessities!

Sometimes I’m not alone, but it is still enjoyable to have little boys who want to help and actually know how to hang socks and underwear!  I’m not a fan of sorting and hanging all the socks, but they love it!  I’m also blessed to have a clothesline that hangs around waist high (because we live in an HOA which doesn’t like clothes lines and we have a retracting line I put away after using it.  Because of that it’s hard to pull it tight enough that it stays up high when heavy wet clothing is attached!) so they have no problems reaching the line!

One of my other simple joys is to craw in bed at night after cleaning my sheets and enjoying the sweet smell still noticeable of the outdoors!  What a sweet sweet smell and how relaxing and what a great reward for hard work!  This is one of my favorite smells!

How many benefits can I sing?  I love the bleach effect without having to use a stain remover.  Two fold or I guess three fold benefit… 1) No chemicals, 2) money saved not buying spot remover 3)clothing whiter than that in the dryer with spot remover.  Having two little boys, one of which is allergic to white clothing, I’m in constant need of the sunlight!  I really do believe my younger son just looks at the dirt with love and it jumps onto his clothing. He truly has an infatuation with dirt!

What peace it brings to my heart to look out the window and see clean clothing flapping in the breeze!  It makes me feel productive that I got the laundry done and I took the time to take it out and hang it on the line.  It also makes me happy to see how blessed we are to have so many nice clothes to wear, how can I complain when there are items to be washed.  At least we have clothes and plenty of them!  There is something beautiful about the sight of laundry hung out to dry!

One last praise to sing!  Money saved!  This is sanity to my head and joy to my wallet! 😉  By hanging one load of laundry it saves about 50 cents.  We usually do about 6 loads a week which would be $3 saved a week, which in turn is $156 saved in a year!  Granted we don’t use the line much in the winter, but as Mim (my beloved grandmother) always said ‘A penny saved is a penny earned!’

Now go out, enjoy the sun, hang up a load of laundry… and enjoy it!



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