Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Shots

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Neil Z. Miller

I happened upon this book by chance and I’m so glad! It is short, easy to read and offers important information in a usable format. Other vaccine books that I’ve read seem to have detailed scientific information that is hard to understand and doesn’t help me make my decision of what is best for my kids. The other genre of book that I’ve read is politically charged or appeals to the emotions. I don’t want to decide not to vaccinate out of fear or because I’m persuaded by good arguments.

This book is definitely biased in favor of not vaccinating but it presents a lot of great information and a lot of concepts that really made me think!

The first portion of the book gives about 5-10 paragraphs worth of information on all of the major vaccines given to kids in the 90s… yes the 90s… (although I think there is a 2002 version now published).  This book was originally published in 1992, so some of the vaccines that are pushed today are not included in his book. Some would include those for the Rotavirus, Varicella and a few others. I found the information helpful about the disease and to know what to look out for or expect if my child does come down with the disease itself.

The following section addresses other vaccines or other versions of the major vaccines. He also talks about the DPT, which isn’t given in the US any more… it is now the DTaP. Just keep in mind some of the information is outdated, but still useful.

The section titled “Long Term Effects” is a bit much… I do like the ideas he presents and the way he thinks and writes, but I don’t necessarily agree with what he thinks may be the cause of vaccine reactions. Some of what he says could be viewed as almost a conspiracy theory!  I’m sure there is validity to it, but it was a lot of new information for me that I would have to research and study for myself.

The last section challenges they way vaccines are created and the germ theory behind the creation of vaccines.  Again… information I’d love to research more and VERY different than traditional medicinal beliefs today.

I definitely recommend this book as a quick read and easy introduction to what issues should be thought about when vaccinating or making the decision not to. It is only 70 pages and an easy read with lots of research quoted!

If you’ve heard about this book or read it yourself I’d love to know what you think!

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