Fruit Fly Infestation

Does anybody besides me have problems with fruit flies?  I always try to buy relatively ripe fruit and inevitably there are a few that are a tad over ripe by the time we actually eat them.  Bananas are the biggest culprit!

I have tried so many different remedies to get rid of them and it never works.  Hubby especially is annoyed by them.  I just take it as a fact of life.  If we want to have fresh ripe fruit on the counter then there will be fruit flies.  He, however, doesn’t quite agree!

Dear hubby would much rather keep the fruit in the fridge.  I just can’t bear to do it.  It loses a lot of the already minimal vitamins and minerals present in the fruit.  And besides, it just doesn’t taste as good.  I also have somewhat sensitive teeth and am much less likely to grab something out of the fridge for a snack than something that is already out.

I’m also lazy… I often don’t feel like fixing a snack for me or the kids.  Out is best!  If it is out on the table I will snack on the fruit and if the boys want something to eat they will usually look at the basket first and then ask for something that is in it.  SO much better than asking for candy or chips or the like.

So… I think I’ve convinced myself that the fruit (and some veggies) will be a permanent fixture on the table!  So… the issue with fruit flies needs to be solved to keep dear hubby sane!

I’ve tried quite a few natural remedies, but nothing seems to work very well and I refuse to try any type of chemical bug spray.  I’ve given vinegar, sugar water, soap and wine, basil and probably a few others a try with no success.  But I’ve found the trick!  It actually works!  And it works on the principal that addictions can kill you!

It is so simple and so easy!  Take a banana peel, peach peels or other type of VERY ripe fruit and place it in a plastic bag (sandwich Ziploc works well).  Keep the bag propped open and in the same vicinity as the fruit bowel.  Leave it for a few hours.  When you return quickly close/seal the bag and a lot of the fruit flies will be inside the bag.  Squeeze the bag and kill what you can see.  Then reopen the bag and start again.

I’ve found that after about 12-24 hours ALL flies are gone and the family is happy and peaceful once again! 😉  I hope this brings as much calm and satisfaction to your home as it has ours!

5 thoughts on “Fruit Fly Infestation

  1. Great! And, yes, we have had major fruit flies issues. Our culprit was the counter-top compost bin. We started using a jar with a lid for compost and now we have no issues. Works like a charm. Glad you found something to work for you too!


  2. Sounds great! I’ve been putting out apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap…65 killed in the last two days…I’ll try yours too!


  3. So thankful for this post! I have never had a problem with them, but suddenly this year they’re all over and driving me NUTS! I sympathize with Brian. 🙂


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