Life Sentences

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Life Sentences
by Laura Lippman

This was a quick and easy read, but don’t really recommend it.  I did find it interesting and it wasn’t so bad that I put it down and didn’t finish it.  Of course I wanted to know how the book ended. There are so many other books out there waiting to be read, that I would recommend finding something else, but of course that is just my opinion.

The book is about an author from Baltimore, MD who is pretty successful after writing two memoirs about her own life and then is reminded of something that happened to someone in her childhood.  Cassandra decides to investigate what happened and what made this person different that such a thing could happen.

As she finds old friends and interviews them in her attempt to find this girl she finds out a lot about herself, her family and deeper things that were going on during her school years that she had been oblivious to.  The more she investigates into this other woman’s life the more she realises it is changing her own life and unearths secrets she never knew were there.

It was an interesting read.  The morals of the characters in the book are very low.  A lot of extra marital affairs, illegitimate children and promiscuity. I understand this is the lifestyle of many, but not what I choose or desire for my family.  I want to stay far away from these type of lifestyles and I don’t want to be reading books that paint it as exciting or thrilling.  Even in the lives of these characters there is hurt, pain, suffering, regret, hiding, secrets and strained relationships, but it is never linked to the choices that they make.

As I said earlier.  I have SO many other great books I’d like to read, I wouldn’t waist your time on this one.

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