Mini-Skirts Mothers & Muslims

[amazon_link id=”0825460514″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Miniskirts, Mothers, and Muslims: A Christian Woman in a Muslim Land[/amazon_link]

Mini-Skirts Mothers & Muslims
by Christine Mallouhi

This book was lent to me by an American friend who is living in an Arab nation.  She read this before moving and said that it would be beneficial for me to read it as well.  Now that I’ve finished it I heartily agree! Not only is it fascinating, but I don’t have to be living in an Arab nation to appreciate and put into practice the information I’ve gleaned from it.

This book addresses the diferences between Western women and Arab women and how they are different and can appreciate each other.  The main premis of the book is to explain some of the culture and practices of Muslim women so that we as westerners can understand, appreciate, minister, bless, encourage and reach for Christ those who are very different from us.

The information is more for Westerners who are living in Arab countries or cultures, but I still found it very helpful for me who is living in urban America.  I do live in a culturally diverse area and am in contact with Muslims at work, in the market place, and in our neighborhood.  This book has helped me to appreciate and understand their culture and how to show respect and honor their traditions.

Much of our misunderstanding originates from very different religeons, cultures, traditions and communal aspect of living.  I know this can sound very steriotypical, but Arab cultures are based around the community and living as a spiritual family and/or physical family.  Much of their actions are evaluated based on whether it brings honor or dishonor to the family.

Americans are very different in this aspect.  We tend to praise and esteme the idivisual and their wants, wishes and desires.  Very little is based on the effects it will bring to our families or communities.  We are very individualistic and most of use desire to be unique from others.

Neither of these are right or wrong.  Just different and both need to appreciate the other.

This book has been helpful to me as I seek to know better those I come in contact with.  This book also presents the information primarily as a way to develop true and genuine relationships in order to effect people for Christ.

The author has first hand experience.  She is an Australian Christian married to a Syrian and has lived in Arab nations for over 30 years.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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