Nourishing Traditions Book Review: Part XIII – Hors D’Oeuvres & Dips

This is one thing I don’t often make… hor d’oeuvres unless it’s around the holidays!  Dips I do make a bit more often for our Bible study, girls nights, game nights or just hanging with friends.  We LOVE having people over and I always think it’s extra nice to have something to eat: dinner, snacks or dessert!  As I was reading this chapter I loved all the ideas!  A lot of the recipes have either roe or caviar which might pose a bit of a problem!  My family LOVES roe, but if we are having friends over I don’t think they would go for it too much… this is super stereotypical comment, but I’m going to make it anyway… I think our Asian friends might go for some of it, but the white ones… not so much!

All that said, I think I’ve only ever purchased a container of roe once and it was pricey.  The only other times I’ve ever had it is with sushi. Some of these recipes look amazing and make my mouth water just thinking about them, but I’m just not so sure the pocket book can swing it.  I know there is a way to purchase dried roe that that might be a little more cost effective, but I’ll have to price it out the next time I’m in the Asian grocery.  I was just there yesterday and had the intentions of doing so, but completely forgot.  That’s what happens when I don’t write things down… sometimes even if I do write it down!

The recipes for stuffed endives and eggplant cavier look amazing and super simple.  I’ve had both endives and eggplants in the summer when they are in season from local farms, but have had a hard time knowing what to do with them.  I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of eggplants, but I also probably don’t know how to cook them correctly either.  This recipe gives lots of instruction and has a lot of other strong flavors added.  Even though it uses 2 eggplants, it doesn’t seem that it would be the predominate flavor.

There is another recipe for chicken brochettes that is served with peanut sauce (of which there is a Fallon recipe as well).  I LOVE peanut sauce and I’m sure this recipe wouldn’t disappoint.  It is listed as an hor d’oeuvres , but since it calls for 6 chicken breasts to make it, I’d probably serve it as a main dish and have a salad and veggie with it!  For a family of 5 with 3 smallish eaters I think it would work well!

Another recipe is for chicken liver pate.  I REALLY don’t like liver although I know it’s really good for me.  Hubby on the other hand would have it weekly if I’d make it.  We have some beef liver in the freezer now that has been there for probably about 1 year because I can’t bring myself to cook it!  I’ve got to just do it and suck it up!  As long as I find a good recipe I’m sure I’ll be able to eat it.  I know it would really serve hubby to make it for him and I’d like to have the kids eat it as well!

The last two recipes I’ll mention in this section are the humus and cucumber yogurt dips.  Both of these are some of my favorites!  Humus with veggies or pita is amazing or topping on felafel!  I’m not sure how Sally Fallon recommends eating the cucumber yogurt dip, but my first thought is with Indian foods.  A good curry just isn’t quite as good with out the cucumber yogurt!

I will be attempting some of these dips in the near future and will be sure to post the results!  Or you could just come over and visit and give it a rating for me!

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