Raising Kids

Why is raising and training kids so hard?  Why do I stay at home? Will I ever see fruit of my hard labors? I’m failing my kids!  I don’t know what I’m doing!  I’m affecting another life!  1000s of lives if you count their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so forth.  What I do now can change the world!

 If I think about this too much I get overwhelmed and just want to throw in the towel.  But being with my kids is worth it!  I get to enjoy their growth, learning, struggles and triumphs, I get to kiss their boo boos, soak in their smiles, hear their tantrums, clean their messes, trip over their toys but I’d so much rather do that than file papers, type on the computer (haha… what am I doing now???!!!),  send 1001 company emails, or answer phones.  All that doesn’t compare to watching another life bud and grow! Just think of the funny things they say!  I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world!

 Last weekend my parents took the kids for a few hours and they went to chick fil-a.  I don’t think the boys have ever been there and it was a huge treat!  When Tonchi (4) got home I asked him what he did and where he ate.  He was so excited about the playground and then told me he had dried pancakes.  DRIED PANCAKES?  Did Lita and Grandpa bring breakfast leftovers for a snack or something??? NO!!! He was talking about the waffle fries!  He had never seen anything like it and they certainly didn’t look like the potato fries that his mama makes!

Hopefully this isn’t TMI!  Skip if you are worried!!! 😉  A week or two ago I was getting dressed in the morning (we are pretty free around here and leave doors open often!) and Koa (3) walks in and says, “Mama, you have two milks.”  Me: “Yes I do”.  Koa: “I like your two milks, Mama”  Uh oh… and it starts!  Do all boys/men think the same? 😉

And Aisling… just turned 1, has had a fascination with trying to pull plugs out of walls, computers, or pull on any wire she can find.  She knows she isn’t supposed to do  it and if you just look at her, she will look at you and shake her head “no”.  Amazing what kids learn!

Yes, I think my kids are cute, but of course it’s not all about what is cute, there is hard work behind kids as well!

Back to the beginning:  Why do I stay home with my kids?  Well, I  believe I’m called to it!  I believe that God wants me to be at home with my kids, to train them, teach them and love them.  I need to remember this!  My primary reason for being here is for my kids, not so that I can cook healthy meals, or wash the clothing, clean the house or the many other tasks that mothers (and fathers too) need to do.

I find that my primary frustration has been irritation towards my kids that I’m not getting done what I want to get done.  I’ve been realizing that I need to make my relationship with them a higher priority.  AND… I can do both at the same time.  Include them and letting them participate helps them learn hard work, responsibility, and perseverence through hard tasks.  AND I get my work done!  Yes, it may take longer, but the benefits are worth it.

I’ve been working hard on this and have seen much fruit!  The kids have been thriving in it and they are ENJOYING work!  I hope and pray that they will be cheerful, hardworking kids that grow up into joyful, hardworking, responsible adults!  I hope and pray that by building the framework now, abundant fruit with be evident in the future!

What are ways that you’ve been training and teaching your children?

2 thoughts on “Raising Kids

  1. B, YOU are one of the best moms I know! Not, perfect, of course, but one of the best! Definitely someone to study and take notes on! 🙂 Keep up the good work! Don’t be so hard on yourself! When you mess up, repent, and move on! You and your kids will be better for it! Love you guys!


  2. Great post, Bethanie 🙂 We saw a big billboard the other day that listed the Fruits of the Spirit and I quickly read it to kids and as usual the word PATIENCE comes jumping out at me…I knew I would need it that day. Such a blessing!

    See you all soon!


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