Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I recently went on a search for some documentaries that looked interesting and that would have some different views that what I necessarily practice or preach!  I know there are so many great informational videos out there and I wanted to start looking at a few and then sharing what I learn.  So stay tuned and periodically there will be some new reviews!

Another goal is to view them FREE!  I’ve used a couple of different websites that offer free videos to view online.  This is one of them!  I watched this one last night and Tree Climber watched it with me!  We really enjoyed it and are now inspired!

The documentary follows two men who are on a mission to lose weight and heal their bodies.  They both had a significant amount of weight to lose and some debilitating diseases to cure!  And they do just that… how?  Via a juice fast.  I’ve heard about juice fasts in the past, but never gave them a lot of credit.  After watching this both of us are inspired to try a 10 day fast!

Unfortunately, I gave away our [amazon_link id=”B000Q6CZWE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]juicer[/amazon_link] just a few months ago.  I thought I wouldn’t need it since we now use the [amazon_link id=”B004VMAC8I” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Vitamix[/amazon_link] for smoothie making.  Now I’m wishing I’d kept it!  Oh well!  I do know that you can use the [amazon_link id=”B000RRKQKA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Vitamix[/amazon_link] and then run it through a cheesecloth and that’s probably what we would start with.

The changes that happen in these men’s lives is amazing and SO inspiring!  They are so dedicated, have such self control and determination.  Not only is this a fast for them, but it is a life change.  They both start with a 60 day juice fast and then ease back into healthy eating with few to no processed foods and few treats here and there.  Not only do they change their lives, but they are excited about it and share it with others and affect many more lives!

I feel our diet is pretty healthy, but there are always things to learn.  Part of the reason I picked this video was because I knew it would encourage me to try new things to help us to continue to  improve our health.

If it sounds intriguing… check it out on Hulu for free!  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Let me know what you think!

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