Nourishing Traditions Book Review – Part XXV – Snacks & Finger Foods

I’ve been looking forward to this chapter for quite a while!  Who doesn’t like snacks! And since we don’t eat many grains (no gluten for sure), no soy, no dairy (for baby), and hubby isn’t supposed to be eating corn it greatly cuts down on the options for snack foods!  Corn tortilla chips are usually the only for sure option that is decently affordable, that is, after purchasing organic so as to avoid the GMOs!

There are also other puffed options like the puffed rice snacks and cereals, but those aren’t all that great either.  We do try to avoid grains including rice and Fallon greatly warns against eating any of the puffed grains because of the extrusion process.  I read a fantastic article on the Weston A Price website about this process and a study relating to it.  I found it very interesting and suggest reading it for yourself.  In it Fallon states

“Slurries of grain are forced through tiny holes at high temperatures and pressures in giant extruders, a process that destroys nutrients and turns the proteins in grains into veritable poisons.”

Before typing this post I was planning on making a few of the recipes that stood out to me.  One of them being the salmon jerky.  Hubby doesn’t particularly like fish (or maybe it’s just the way I cook it.. .hmmm something to think about), but he does love jerky.  So… I thought I’d give that one a try for sure.  Also, what kid (or mama for that matter)  doesn’t love a good cookie!  There were two… the ginger snaps and macaroons both caught my eye.  The ginger snaps EVERYONE in the family can have!!!! AMAZING!  And the macaroons… well… let’s just say they may not be shared…  But baby Aisling is the only one who wouldn’t be able to have those due to the egg whites.

I do have some cooking to do ahead of me!  I wanted to be able to post some photos of how they turned out!  So stay tuned and if I get around to it in the next few days I’ll post again on how they rate with the family!

In the recent past I  happened upon a blog that was started in 2006 and is no longer current, but I’ve found to have most of the Nourishing Traditions recipes.  This blogger was trying to cook her way through Fallons books, so… if you want a review of a recipe before you give it a try you could always check out The Nourishing Cook.  She states she is no foodie, just a working mom trying to put healthy food on the table for her family!  It is just another way to try a few recipes before purchasing the book… although the book is so much more than a cookbook and holds SO much more information worth having!

She did post about the macaroons and her version since she added a few things and changed it a bit.  But I didn’t see anything on the ginger snaps or the salmon jerky.

Also in this chapter there is a large amount of information about soaking nuts and drying them to make crispy nuts for snacks.  She also has ideas of what nuts and fruits to mix together for a tropical mix or chocolate trail mix, etc.  Some of the nuts have added spices which sound interesting as well.

I did enjoy reading this chapter a lot!  I did get a few new ideas for snacks which I appreciate.  I was surprised at how much I already actually do (soaking nuts, making trail mix, or desserts like the chewy chocolate bars).  I’m glad to have the nut soaking instructions on paper for easy access next time I try a new variety or just need a refresher!

Snacks are always a conversation piece in this house!  I feel like we are always snacking! 😉  We try to be wise about it and have things that would benefit our health and not just fill our bellies!  Here is a list of the most common things we snack on!

  1. Fresh fruit – This is our number one snack or dessert
  2. Green Smoothies
  3. Raw cheese
  4. Meat sticks or homemade beef jerky
  5. Cut up veggies with nut butter or ranch dressing
  6. Chia Seed Pudding
  7. Seaweed
  8. Curry Lime Nuts
  9. Herb Nut Crackers
  10. Homemade Sweet Potato Chips
  11. Dried Fruit

Let me know if you have any good ideas for snacks!  I’m always looking for new ones!

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