The Gerson Miracle

I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately wanting to start working through watching the rest of my list of free documentaries.  A while back I made a list from Hulu and Snagfilms that caught my attention.  I haven’t watched any of them recently, but I’ve been wanting to work on it!

One night earlier this week Brian had to work late and wasn’t going to be home until after the kids had been asleep for a few hours.  I decided to take the opportunity to watch one of the videos on my list that I knew he wouldn’t really want to watch.  The Gerson Miracle fit.

The documentary was about the work of Dr. Max Gerson.  He was a physician from Germany who ended up in the US as he fled his mother country at the start of World War II.  He was working on his cancer cure theories here and was ostracized by modern medicine and his therapies were actually made illegal.

His daughter Charlotte Gerson picked up after his death and has opened a hospital in Tijuana Mexico where they could legally operate.  This facility and others that have opened around the world have seen miraculous recoveries of patients that were deemed terminal by modern medicine and were told to go home and get ready to die.

He wrote a book called [amazon_link id=”0961152621″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Cancer Therapy[/amazon_link] which outlines the therapy he recommends.  The therapy is modified for each patient, but the basics include a lot of juicing, organic fruits and vegetables, organic coffee enemas and no animal products.  I find it interesting how the last two documentaries (this one and Forks over Knives) both support plant based diets! Hmmm… if there is a hint for me to take, I’m oblivious and I’m avoiding the hint!

I found it especially interesting that there are many laws in this country as to what is allowed or not allowed for cancer treatments.  Pretty  much anything besides surgery, chemotherapy or radiation is prohibited and alternative cancer clinics are not allowed to even exist.

Part of the therapy for the cancer is the juicing which is an 8 oz glass 13 times a day as well as other foods.  They are also very specific about the juicing that the food has to be shredded and then pressed.  There are a few juicers that they recommend. This much juice ends up being about 20 lbs of food per person!  Part of the cause of cancer, they report, is that the body has mass amounts of deficiencies of nutrients and juicing can encourage large amounts to be easily digested quite rapidly. Most patients show large amounts of improvement in only 1 to 2 weeks.

Included with the aforementioned parts to the therapy the patients take potassium supplements (with others as well) and cold flax seed oil.  This therapy isn’t only for cancer, but other major illnesses and even drug addictions and mental illness.

The Gersons claim that along with deficiencies, exposure to toxins is the other component to the cause of cancer.  These toxins are many and a lot of them are even unavoidable.  Some include Fluorine in public water that is highly toxic, doesn’t prevent cavities and causes problems in the thyroid. Amalgam fillings is another which is interesting to find that they are considered safe in your mouth… but is a hazardous waste when the dental office and needs to dispose of leftover material. Ritalin… it’s never been tested on children under the age of 6 and yet it is still given to them…  The US military also won’t allow men and women sign up for service if they’ve ever had to take ritalin due to the long term effects it has on the body.  I haven’t done the research myself, but the Gersons claim it causes lasting permanent brain damage that doesn’t resolve even after coming off of the medication.

Just as I made the argument with Forks over Knives that raw dairy and high quality meats (grass fed/finished, organic) wasn’t addressed, the same is true here.  They do talk about dairy leaching calcium from the body and is a cause for osteoporosis.  They even go as far to state that the pasteurization kills the natural enzymes needed to break down and digest the milk to gain the benefits of the calcium it contains.  But they don’t take it any further to discuss raw milk… but it does lend the thought that if the enzymes were still present that the nutrients would be adsorbable and beneficial.

Over all I did enjoy the documentary.  I would definitely research the theory if I knew someone struggling with cancer or other debilitating long term disease like heart disease, coronary disease, diabetes and the many others that plague our nation.  Thankfully my family is relatively healthy and for that I’m very thankful.  I would like to research juicing more though and see if even with minor illness if this would be a good way to help the body heal and fight off whatever they are exposed to.

I found this very informational and interesting.  It can be viewed for free on Snagfilms.

Let me know what you think!

One thought on “The Gerson Miracle

  1. I find it upsetting that we’re the “Land of the Free” and yet not free to choose our own method of cancer treatment here in the USA. It’s been so encouraging to learn about the Gerson Therapy and realize that we truly can allow our bodies to heal itself.


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