Nourishing Traditions Book Review: Part XXIX – Tonics & Superfoods

Tonics.  I’ve never been one to have faith in them or even really know or understand their use or purpose.  The first recipe caught my attention first off.  It is a tonic called Potassium Broth.  It is recommended to be used as pick-me-up and drunk like a warm tea.  It’s also said to be a great rejuvenator for the sick or who are recovering from child birth. I won’t be using this for a long time, but I do plan on making a batch for late May! I’ll let you know what I think of it!

There were other tonics for stress, cancer treatments, intestinal health, constipation, detox, stamina, sore throats and hoarseness and others as well!  I’ve never tried any of these, but they look interesting and I’m curious to see if I think they are helpful or not!  Some of them look a bit hard to stomach… like raw liver.. .not sure I could do that!

I very much believe food is medicine and what we put in our bodies either builds them up or tears them down.  It only makes sense that there are certain combinations of foods that would benefit different purposes.  I’m a little more interested in reading up on other tonics that may serve other uses for our family!

Superfoods. We have all heard this term over and over and it has become a hot word in today’s culture as well.  But what are they?  Basically they aren’t specific nutrients or vitamins, but foods that are naturally concentrated with important nutrients.  Some of the portions of the list include foods that I’m familiar with like bee pollen, blue-green algae, spirulina, cholrella, butter, cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, kelp, probiotics, and nutritional yeast.

Some of the others I’d never heard of: acerola powder, amalaki powder, azomite mineral powder, bitters, glandular and organ extracts, borage oil, or noni juice?  These sound like hippie talk to me! 😉  But then again… I guess there are some that would classify me in that area as well.

I’m most interested in the azomite mineral powder.  I’ve heard of clays being added to drinks for nutrition and this is the same concept.  it is a mineral supplement that has clay and other compounds in it and it comes from an ancient seabed.  It has lots of nutrients and minerals in it and it has a great detoxifying effect.  Fallon recommends taking a heaping teaspoon mixed with water each day.

Now where in the world could you purchase something like this?  Fallon recommends ordering from and of course I did my token search on[amazon_link id=”B000E7MTT4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] Amazon[/amazon_link]!  It was actually cheaper on and free shipping on bulk orders!  Hmmm… do I really want 44lbs?  I think I’ll bite the bullet and pay for the shipping and see if I’d really go through 44 lbs!

Are there any tonics or superfoods that you partake of?  I’d love to hear how they have helped you or what you use them for!

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