What are they doing to our food?

I was just alerted by a dear friend that there is a new petition that has been submitted to the FDA to have the identity of milk changed so that it would include 17 additives including aspartame.  If this was to pass, then these additives can be added to milk and the consumer would never know about it.

How crazy is that?  Why do we think we need to change the identity of milk?  If it didn’t come out of the cow that way, then it wasn’t designed to be there!  If you feel like something needs to be added… fine… add it, but it NEEDS to be labeled.  We as a nation have the right to know what we are eating.  I can’t believe something like this is even being proposed.  It just makes me all the more thankful that I have access to raw milk.  I know I don’t have to worry about this…

However, Just because I know that I currently don’t have to worry about it, it does make me concerned for my family, friends, community and my country that often doesn’t have that access or even the knowledge of what is going on.  I will proudly speak out against this for my children and for them.  Just because something doesn’t currently affect me doesn’t mean I should just sit back and let it happen.

I read the first article about this on Natural News.com.  Read it and see what you think….

Also, The FDA is receiving comments… but, please make sure it is a formal comment.  There is a way to comment on the petition, but it isn’t counted in the legal comments taken into consideration.  The link to the actual petition is found on FDA.gov.

Please follow these steps to add a formal comment if you feel strongly about this subject.  Even if you don’t feel strongly, but just disagree, then please say so and let the FDA know your thoughts.  Don’t just sit back as most complacent Americans and just let others make the rules and laws that affect our lives, health and well being   Take a minute to comment… please…

Step by step way to submit an official comment:

  1. Go to this site for the Federal Register
  2. Click on the green button in the right side column that states “Submit a Formal Comment”
  3. Comment away!

I’ve also posted other comments and thoughts about what the FDA and government have been doing over the last few months and years to take away our right to eat the foods we desire.  Raw milk has been made illegal and the FDA has been spending our tax dollars to harass these farmers and shut them down and take away their livelihoods even when they have done no harm to anyone.  Their cows are happy, not injected with artificial hormones, allowed to live a typical cow life and fed food that is nourishing to them!

Some of the posts were about a FDA sting against an Amish farmer in PA last may, a grass fed raw milk rally on Capital Hill which was in response to this sting, a raw milk bill that came as a result of this (but sadly did not pass) and then an FDA sting on a buying club raid in LA in August of last year.  Check any of these out if you’d like to read more about it.


I’d love to know your thoughts on this issue!

5 thoughts on “What are they doing to our food?

  1. From reading the document directly, it seems the petition is asking to be able to add any artificial sweetener (such as aspartame) to 17 milk/cream products.
    The catch is that they don’t want to have to label “Reduced calorie” or “Reduced sugar” to the front of the label. Since artificial sweeteners hurt my stomach, I have avoided those phrases for years. However, they supposedly would still list aspartame in the ingredient list. And while reading labels is second nature to GMO conscious people, most people just won’t read the ingredient list at all.

    The worst part is that they are targeting kids in school. Their argument is that kids won’t drink “chocolate milk that has reduced sugar” so let’s make aspartame-sweetened chocolate milk look exactly the same as the regular chocolate milk. Then, magically, all obese kids will not be obese any more.
    Grr…they will still be obese with some extra health problems with it.


    1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to look at it again. When I reviewed it the first time it looked like they weren’t going to have to add it to the label. I check it again though.


  2. Hi Bethanie,
    Don’t know if you remember me. I go to Soverign Grace Church too. You probably remember me as the mom with the little girl whose hair used to stick up. LOL!
    Where do you get your raw milk? We live in Manassas. Thanks!


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