Koa’s Birthday

Koa had the longest drawn out birthday!  And of course he milked every minute! 😉  The actual day of his birthday was March 6th when the east coast was supposed to get a tremendous snow storm that, as per usual, was quite disappointing and all the snow was gone by the next day…. but with the knowledge that it was supposed to snow we started his celebrations the day before.


I took the kids to Claude Moore Park and they had a great time in the visitor’s center that has a great educational area for kids.  It really was fantastic and they didn’t want to leave!  The day was so nice they left their jackets in the car and we enjoyed a picnic lunch.


We even had extra time to run around outside and enjoy the bright sunshine!


The next day, it did snow all day, but didn’t stick much since it started with rain, but it was very beautiful to watch!  We stayed in and had some hot chocolate and Koa helped bake his birthday cupcakes.


And… he got to decorate them himself!



The evening of his birthday we were supposed to meet friends and family at Chick-fil-A (per Koa’s request) for dinner and cupcakes.  Due to the snow we had to postpone it for the following week.



It was still a great turnout and lots of fun!  Koa had requested monster cupcakes and that is exactly what we did!  We were all tickled with out they turned out and they were a big hit!


Of course our diet and allergies didn’t completely fly out the window, but we certainly did have an overdose of sugar.  In fact… ALL of us had some tummy discomfort that evening and I think it was the overload of sugar!


The recipe I used for the chocolate allergy friendly cupcakes was from Real Sustinance and I LOVE her recipes.  ALL of the ones I’ve tried have turned out and have been delicious.  So… for his birthday we had the grain free, vegan, soy free, chocolate cupcakes and they were loved by all!


He really had a great week and is so proud he just turned 4!  So if you see him, ask his age and he will be super excited to tell you!

One thought on “Koa’s Birthday

  1. The cupcakes are so-o cute … unique … truly are “monster cupcakes”… make me laugh..bet Koa and everyone had a grand time. Hope you are now feeling better.. Take care


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