Help our International Homeschooling Brothers and Sisters

This is a case that has been ongoing, but that I was just made aware of today… There is a family in Germany who was homeschooling their children when the government told them they weren’t allowed to continue.  They were fined, their children were going to be taken away and they were facing possible imprisonment.  The family fled here in 2010 and are seeking asylum in the USA.

The new development is that they are about to be deported.  They are now losing their case and are going to be sent back to Germany.  I didn’t think that was what our nation was all about!  I thought this was a nation that offers asylum to those who are wrongfully persecuted and in danger… not send them back into danger?!

I personally really feel for this family.  We take for granted we are allowed to freely homeschool our children here in this country.  Here this family was doing what they thought was best for their family and they are being persecuted for it.

This tidbit of additional information I found on HSLDA’s website:

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike left everything they had to come to America to escape persecution for doing something that we take for granted. All they wanted to do was homeschool their children and teach them according to their beliefs. But the powerful German State will not allow them. In fact, Germany does not tolerate homeschooling at all. They say that homeschooling creates “parallel societies” (we call it pluralism) and that the government has a right to stamp out these “parallel societies.”

In order to help this family keep their freedom to educate their own children and stay in the US, please, please, please take a look at this petition and sign if you feel as strongly about their plight as I do.

Please, it only takes a minute!  Just click here

And as a PS… After I signed I saw that there were 13,804 signatures and 84,196 are still needed by April 18th to meet their goal.  Please forward this to all homeschooling families and homeschool supporters you know!


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