The Returning

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The Returning
Ann Tatlock

This book was an ok read in my opinion.  The story wasn’t very complex, it was a super easy read, and it really didn’t do much to change me, make be a better person or encourage me to try new things.  It was enjoyable, but there are so many good things out there to read and I don’t want to waste my time.

However, if you are looking for a book that is easy to put down and not lose your place while on vacation, or reading on the beach or other vacation light reading, this might work for you!

This book as about a woman, wife and mother whose life hasn’t turned out as she had once dreamed.  She has three children living in a little cottage on the side of a lake in New York State.

At the start of the book she is anticipating the arrival home of her husband.  He had been gone for 5 long years and had missed a lot of the children’s growing up years.  She hopes this will be a new start, a second chance that maybe things can work out better and that they could be a completely and happy family.

Things still don’t work out exactly as she had hoped or dreamed, and I can’t tell you much more than that or I will give it all away! This book includes, lies, deception, a little of the occult, forgiveness, redemption and love.

Again, may be a good book for some light reading on the side of lake while the kids play at the water edge.

If you’ve already read this book, I’d love to know what you think!

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