Pregnant in America – A Nation’s Miscarriage

This was a fun documentary to watch.  As I stated in my post on the book review of Redeeming Childbirth, I haven’t taken the time to do the prep that I should in this pregnancy.  The fourth time around I’m busier and each change isn’t as much of a novelty as it was the last time.

I needed this video!  It moved me to tears on multiple occasions.  I’m not usually a crier, but am certainly more likely during pregnancy with all those lovely hormones!  This documentary helped me to get back in the moment, to treasure this new life that is growing within me and the excitement of having another home birth in a few months, Lord willing!

This is an exciting time.  Adding a member to our family is life changing and such a great time for the other kids as well!  Watching Mandy walk through her pregnancy in the film made me remember the excitement and newness that I had experienced in my first pregnancy and birth.  It is good to remember and to hope for that excitement at each step of the way!

I need to remember to enjoy the process and the journey, not just the end.  I will miss so much if I’m only looking towards the end!

This film did remind me a lot of The Business of Being Born by Ricki Lake.  It was the story of Mandy’s pregnancy and birth but with a lot of statistics and interviews with OB/GYNs, hospital staff and administrators, anthropologist, birth advocates, midwives and many more.

They talk about the MANY risks of epidurals including decreased maternal/fetal bonding, allergic reaction, feeling disconnected from the birth, misplaced catheter, and others as well as the MANY risks of cesarean section which included prematurity, loss of ability to breastfeed, infertility, and more.

They also traveled to other countries to see how they did birth and what it looked like!  Holland has a very high homebirth percentage.  One of the primary care physicians who is also a midwife has about 87% of his mothers delivering at home.  It’s also covered by insurance!  They also visited Germany and interview midwives and mothers who had had homebirths there as well.

Some of the statistics I found most interesting was the fact that in 1975  the c-section rate was only 5%.  The World Health Organization recommends a cesarean section rate of no higher than 15%, and the US now (2008 when the film was produced) is 30%.  I did a quick search and found that as of 2011 the rate as increased another 3% and some hospitals are even up to 80% cesarean rate!

There are a lot of great documentaries out there about birth, but I really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering home birth or birth in general!

Here is a quick trailer that you may enjoy.

If you’ve seen it let me know what YOU think!  I’d love to hear!

3 thoughts on “Pregnant in America – A Nation’s Miscarriage

  1. Just watching the trailer gave me chills and got me pumped up about watching it. Thanks for the recommendation, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Sometimes I forget about the ongoing problems with birth in America and the struggles there are, I need to remember how important these issues are!


  2. Soo excited for you!!! I wanted to wish you a happy belated bday too. Brian reminded me on FB of your blog cause I’m gluten free now. I hope to see you in person and ill tell you about my gf journey. 😉 I feel like my informed choice about my 2nd birth has influenced so many other areas!!


    1. It is really amazing how one small step leads to so many others! That’s how most journeys start! One small step!!! I’d love to hear more about how life is changing for y’all!


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