Blogs Can Be SO Misleading

I’ve been thinking lately how I can feel insignificant, or like a failure or intimidated by other mama bloggers out there who seem to have it all together and have the perfect family life, with amazing photos!  Looking at someones blog always gives the impression that their life is perfect or that even in the crazy times it still turns out funny.  

We don’t often blog about the things that set us to tears or frustrating days of mommy-hood  Or the days we have cereal for dinner because it was just one of those days!

Photo Credit: Kris Hammonds
Photo Credit: Kris Hammons


I’ve heard from friends that my blog often falls into that category… portraying a perfect life.  I do want you to know that I don’t have it all together, there are times that I yell (not proud of it at all…) or that my house is a wreck and the toilets are filthy, someone peed on the floor, a bag of organic coconut flour was dumped on the floor (really gets to me since it is SO much more $$$ than a regular bag of white flour!, but that shouldn’t affect the way I treat my children), and the myriad of other things that happen on a day to day basis.

Our life is just like everyone else’s.  I may be effective at planning my meals, having a cleaning schedule, planning out our homeschool, getting our grocery shopping done, which are all good things, but relationships are so much more important.  I can say that I don’t sit and play with my kids enough, I don’t welcome them into my life as I get work done, I don’t include them in my chores.  I know this is one of my weaknesses.

Tonchi working on his math!

Relationships are SO important.  That is what life is about.  If I don’t develop that with my kids, then I won’t find satisfaction and peace in a clean home and planned meals if my grown kids don’t even want to come and visit because relational ties weren’t knotted tight when they were young.


I don’t want things to appear rosy and bright when life is hard, sticky and messy.  I’m sorry if I have ever laid on a guilt trip or made you think that the way I do things is best or that I know the best way of accomplishing tasks, etc.  I don’t know.  It’s just what has worked for me in our home.

What my sink frequently looks like and you often don’t see in the photos!

I hope that you find this blog encouraging and uplifting.  That you can be encouraged to do better if one of my strengths is your weakness.  We all have areas that we are good at and areas that need work.  I’m so glad we are not all alike.

I just wanted to take a moment and hopefully let you know that I want to walk with you in friendship through this crazy life and hopefully we can help each other grow!


6 thoughts on “Blogs Can Be SO Misleading

  1. And you are such a gracious friend to have around! (Just for the record, I never felt yucky after your blog…and I am such a flubber-upper….so I love walking with you!)


  2. I love your honesty. I think we all struggle with comparing when it comes to Pinterest or blogs, at least I do! (Just finished a book called “the envy of eve” that was really fantastic on this subject) I have always appreciated the way you share your knowledge, you have never made me feel that you think your way is superior or better, but rather that you had a heart to share anything you could with others that it might bless or serve. Not to minimized what others have shared, but I hope that encourages you!


  3. In my case, I believe God gives a taste of the tough times in order to recognize the good times. He likes His praise and thanks. We should do it often…in the good as well as the bad! It can always be worse.


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