On Vacation


Yesterday our family left for the beach! Ocean City, MD bound! My grandparents have a condo on 131st street  and I’ve grown up going there for at least one week a year for as long as I can remember!

It was always the highlight of my summers as a kid. Just being on the beach and enjoying the surf and sand was fabulous! We also had a tradition of going to play putt putt one evening sometime during the week.

Thankfully my grandparents still own the condo and are so gracious to let their grand kids use it and enjoy it! Now my kids get to enjoy the same things I did as a kid. It is so much fun to be back here again and even more special to see the excitement in my kids!

So, all that to say we are on vacation…. I’m also going to take a vacation from the blog for a week and enjoy some sun with my family. I may try and post a few photos through out the week of what we’ve been up to, but that is all tentative! There is no internet connection in the condo which is nice! It makes us spend time together and play games an enjoy time together. But it also makes keeping up with posting on a blog a tad more difficult!

So have a great week and I will be back soon!

2 thoughts on “On Vacation

  1. Really love all your pics. Tonchi’s is great! That says it all … the bird, the blue sky … that’s the beach! Also the ones of the boys racing through the water and sitting in it. And the one of you and the girls … when I first saw it I thought you were Brenda!


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