Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m sure some of you saw the title of this post and I thought… typo!!! or maybe an old post resurfaced and accidentally got re-posted… or some type of glitch in the dates or something or other! But no… sorry to say… not the case.

I’m one of those crazy individuals that starts planning Christmas the day after Christmas! I like to make as many of my gifts as possible and when you have large families it takes a long time! I start gathering ideas through the first half of the year and then make decisions and start creating through the last half of the year.

This year I started a little earlier since I knew baby Xanthie was going to arrive at the end of the summer just before the start of school. And with starting homeschool for the first grade, I knew time was going to be a little tighter!

I have started working on some projects, but I’m not nearly as far along as I’d like to be… but we will get there! As long as I don’t put it off for too much longer.

However, the reason for this post is to give those crafters out there some new (maybe new) ideas for this coming year. I also wanted to provide those ideas with plenty of time to get them made! 😉 I will probably have to repost again a few weeks before Christmas for the procrastinator group!!!

Anyway… these ideas are the gifts that I gave last year. I can’t post what I’m making this year because too many family and friends read this and their surprise would be ruined… so here is what I did!


Wooden Painted Necklace
I made this for my Mom and I’m happy to say I’ve seen her wear it many times over this last year! It was SO easy to make and super simple, and yet she routinely tells me she gets compliments on it each time she wears it! That is the best compliment I could ever receive! 😉


Bottle Cap Flower Magnets
I made these for both my mom and Brian’s mom as well. I made a flower for each of the grandchildren. My mother-in-law has 6 grandchildren and my mother 7 (last year, but that number has increased!) so there were quite a few to make! These did take a little more time than I expected, but they turned out GREAT! They were a huge hit with both families!


Ric Rac Rose Ring

I made these for lots of friends and they were raved over! It was fun to pick the colors and match them to the personalities to whom I was giving them! They were SUPER simple and only took me an hour or two to make probably 20 of them! They didn’t cost much to make either which was a huge bonus in my book. I was able to make more and give more away since they were so cost effective!

photo (5)

Blooming Fabric Flower Pin
These did take a bit more time, but they were so fun to make! I had tons of scrap fabric and it was fun to pick patterns to match and buttons to adorn the middles! It was also exciting to design each flower specifically for one recipient! I love the one I gave my daughter! I’ve used it on her clothing, dresses, diaper bag, and currently it’s being used to dress up the bassinet for her new baby sister!

Photo courtesy of Kris Hammons

Wine Cork Board
I actually made these two years ago as gifts, but then one of my sisters felt left out since I didn’t make one for her and she requested one! So I made a new one for her this year! These were easy to make as well. I just spray painted old frames from the thrift store and threw away the glass. I then cut the corks lengthwise with a sharp kitchen knife and arranged them in a pattern I liked. I then hot glued them onto sturdy cardboard backing and placed it in the fram! Worked like a charm and Breanne was happy!


Homemade Edible Finger Paint
This was super simple and was perfect for the many little cousins and family friends involved in our lives! It was super cheap and only took one afternoon to complete! A friend had forwarded the recipe to me and I saved it for such a time as this! It worked really great! The only problem was since it is edible it did go bad. So make it only a few days before giving it and either keep it in the fridge or use it within a week or two.

And I think that about covers it! I’d love to know what you think! And if you have a gift that was a hit and you’d like to share it… I’d LOVE to hear it! I’m always looking for new ideas for next year!


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