Free Cheesemaking ebook!

Have you ever been interested in cheesemaking? I have, but just haven’t had the time or money to get started. Since we have such a great resource for getting raw milk, I’ve really wanted to try a hand at raw cheese.

However, just because I haven’t given it a go doesn’t mean you can’t! I just found a great deal at Cultures for Health! From now until October 15, 2013 you can get their free ebook on cheesemaking and 15% off all cheese making products with the coupon code CHEESE.

I’ve downloaded the ebook (you do have to sign up for their newsletter, but I find it helpful and very interesting) and it really looks fantastic with over 30 cheese recipes! It is a HUGE book and from my quick skim of the info, it seems to cover all you should need to know to make your own cheese at home!

Not only are they offering this ebook for free, but also their ebooks in the Where Healthy Food Starts eBook Collection. Those include Lacto-Fermentation eBook, Milk Kefir eBook, Yogurt eBook, Kombucha eBook and Sourdough eBook!

I do have a few of these and they are truly amazing with TONS of information! So check it out!  Just click on one of the links to Cultures for Health and follow the instructions!  Let me know how it goes for you and what books you get.  If you already have some of these I’d love to know what your favorites include?

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2 thoughts on “Free Cheesemaking ebook!

  1. I’ve read some info on raw milk, and am trying to find out if there is a way I can try it before committing to buying a share in a cow. Plus, even that share is quite expensive per gallon on top of the share ownership. Is there a way to try raw milk without diving in head first? All the benefits look so fantastic!


    1. The only way I know of would be to know someone who gets it and would be willing to let you taste it. I don’t think there is a taste difference at all. If anything I would say it has a stronger milk taste… milkier??? It is also much thicker and creamier than whole milk, but not as heavy as cream. Absolutely delicious in my opinion!


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