Safely Home

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Safely Home
Randy Alcorn

Getting a slow start on my reading list so far this year… but nonetheless here is my first completed book. I can’t recommend this one highly enough. It really was fantastic. Not only was it a good story, but it also was convicting. It made me think about my life and contemplate the way I was living and if that was truly what God wants from me.

This story is about an American and a Chinese man who are both close friends while in college together, but once they graduate their lives take very different paths and directions. After 10 or more years they are brought back together and they are re-united. Seeming opposite once they re-connect, one of them is greatly affected by the other and begins to change.

The story takes place in China and really brings to light the many human rights violations in a personal way.

In general I haven’t like many “christian novels” . Part of it is selfish, but if I want to read a “spiritual” book, I will… I don’t like to be preached at while trying to enjoy a novel. and so many christian novels have diatribes that don’t really go along with the story… it’s like the author has a sermon they want to preach and stick it in the middle of the book while it doesn’t add much to the storyline.

This book was different. There are a lot of “spiritual” conversations, but it went with the story and the theme of the book. It added to the story and didn’t detract. AND it was very convicting to me. The thoughts and ideas that were presented, while directed at one of the main characters, caught my attention and made me think.

After completing this book it made me want to pray for the Chinese believers and be more sympathetic to their plight. Also, it encouraged me to re-evaluate my faith and ponder how I would respond to the persecution they face in the day to day. What would I do? Would I stand strong?

I really enjoyed this read and came away really thinking about life and others. I really like books that draw you in and also make you think about larger issues without feeling guilty or persuaded to do so.

If you’ve read this book I’d love to know what you think! and if you haven’t… I suggest you do!!!

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