House Decor {Crafting I}

And the work continues! I SO love the feeling of something new that it doesn’t even feel like work. Now if it was painting the room I would definitely feel that way! But I’ve opted out of that this time around! Each new day my mind is rolling, thinking of what still needs to be done, what I can do now and what I think would look best. I’m constantly looking at the room with excitement and with a critical eye.

Firstly I’ve removed the items that no longer are going to fit with the decor and decided what I was going to do with them. Some I’ve put in my thrift store donation box and others I’ve posted on craigslist hoping to get a buck or two. And of course adding it to my 2014 Purge list! It’s so freeing to clean up and clear out! Just pulling that stuff out gives the room a breath of fresh air!

So what to do for new decor? First up is pillows… the ones I currently have are fun and modern, but not what I’m going for now. Thankfully some of the throw pillows had been given to me and the others I purchased for $10 each at Ikea. I’m not getting rid of these, I’m just going to recover them!

Yes... a cute baby and kiddos... but these are the geometric/modern pillows i was describing
Yes… a cute baby and kiddos… but these are the geometric/modern pillows I was describing

I am a sucker for fun fabrics and now it pays off. I’ve gotten boxes of fabric scraps from freecycle or from clothing that no longer fits, has holes or stains that can’t be worn. I also keep an eye out at thrift stores for fun fabrics or at clothing swaps.

Two pillows still need to be recovered and I’m not exactly sure what fabric I want to use and couldn’t find anything in my box that will work… but I’ve completed three thus far! The two that are alike are from a scarf I found at the thrift store for $1 and the one covered in green and blue is from an old tank top that no longer fit! New pillows for $1 and a little bit of time! Not bad!


Next are a few cups… I saw a project on pintrest that I wanted to try and find two cups for $1, again at the thrift store! This fit the price budget for an experiment that might not succeed! I found a photo online of a cup that I liked and used it as a guide to design the mugs I had acquired. Each one took less than 1 hour to design and then only needed 1 hour to bake at 400 degrees in the oven. AND… the best part.. I used sharpies to do the artwork, so I didn’t even have to purchase paint or anything! I think they turned out great. I’m planning to use them as artwork or flower cups for the room, but I may actually think about making more for Christmas gifts this year! They were so simple and turned out exactly the way I had hoped!

Lastly was a cushion for this chair! Dear hubby found the chair in someones trash and snagged it. I put a fresh coat of paint on it and used the “tank top” pillow as a cushion to match the decor and add some color to the room. I Just LOVE the way this corner turned out! Both the globe and the crate were trash finds too.


With all the stuff we’ve salvaged from others trash you’d think we drive around looking through dumpsters or something… we don’t! These finds were actually just driving home on trash night and just keeping an eye open. No special trips or extra mileage, although I’m sure I could find even better stuff if I went to some exclusive neighborhoods… but I’m not that crazy yet… although I’m sure there are many who may disagree!

Have you had any fun projects recently? Any good decorating tips or ideas? I’m all about it! Let me know!!!


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