Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and GIVEAWAY!

This is a first! I have a giveaway! 😉 So exciting! 😉 It seems like a blog has “made it” when there are giveaways. And… consequently I’ve tried to avoid that at all costs. I didn’t want to fall into the mainstream and just float along with everyone else, just because that’s the way its done and that’s how you get and keep readers.

I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to find a niche and find some faithful followers or just be able to be a resource for recipes, medical help and green ideas! I think that has happened, although I wish I had more readers…. but I know God has a good and perfect plan for this blog, whatever that may be.

If God’s plan is that the information serves others and that it never gets really big or widely read or popular, that’s ok. I just hope that I’m able to help and bless others through what I’ve written and what I post.

Now that I say I’m going to do a giveaway… I’m eating my own words! This, though, actually fell into my lap. I was on Tropical Traditions website checking out the monthly deals when I saw that I could become an affiliate and I could also try some coconut oil for my blog! I wasn’t required to write a review and I didn’t have to sign anything stating I would only give a good review.logo-small

I thought I’d give it a try. I feel like Tropical Traditions is THE coconut oil to buy. I love their company and the way they employ local labor with fair trade and sustainable practices! I’m also fascinated with all things vintage, antique or just plain old fashioned. And the way they press their gold label coconut oil is really awesome! I had no idea how it was done and it’s so neat to see the process hasn’t died with newer and faster ways to do things!

Check out this video to see what I’m talking about.

Just a few more quick notes about Tropical Traditions. I’ve been on their website many times and there are SO many amazing facts and a plethora of fantastic information. I know most of my readers are familiar with coconut oil, but just in case here is a link that has very detailed and helpful information about it. I’ve also found this page interesting with a great list of uses for coconut oil. And last but not least… who doesn’t want new recipes to try!

So with that being said I have a jar that I get to give away! Here are the rules:

  1. The giveaway will be open for one week and you may enter once daily. Leave a comment stating your favorite way to use coconut oil or your favorite health benefit of coconut oil. You may comment once daily for additional entries.
  2. Subscribe to the Tropical Traditions Newsletter containing all sales and deals (This is a must to be entered in the drawing at all)
  3. “Like” Green and Grateful on facebook for an additional entry and leave a comment on this post stating you did so.
  4. “Like” Tropical Traditions on Facebook (Please no, “I was sent by…” posts or posting a link to your blog, they will be removed) on facebook for an additional entry and leave a comment on this post stating you did so.
  5. Follow Green and Grateful on Twitter @GreenGrateful on facebook for an additional entry and leave a comment on this post stating you did so.
  6. Follow Tropical Traditions on Twitter @troptraditions and @ttspecialdeals on facebook for an additional entry and leave a comment on this post stating you did so.
  7. Share the giveaway on your facebook page for another entry and leave a comment on this post stating you did so.DSC00367

My kiddos will draw the winners name out of a hat and you will be contacted with instructions of how to receive your Tropical Traditions Coconut oil! You will have 3 days to get back to me with the additional information needed. If after 72 hours you don’t respond a new winner will be selected.

Let the games begin!

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

Also, if you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.


50 thoughts on “Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Let’s see, my recent favorite way to use coconut oil is as a night cream on my face. I posted this on my Facebook and liked Tropical Traditions and you know I already liked your Facebook page a long time ago. So there’s my entry, because Lord knows we go through the coconut oil! :o)


    1. I liked Green and Grateful and Tropical Traditions, I subscribed to TT, and my favorite way to use CC is well… as Lube. *grin*


  2. My most recent way that I love to use coconut oil is to use it as an eye makeup remover! I also love to cook and bake many things with it! And Emily who is 2.5 loves to just eat it off a spoon!

    Also, I subscribed, liked, liked and shared!! Thanks!


    1. This is not an entry for the drawing, but I was just recently told by a salesperson at Ulta that organic coconut oil made a fantastic makeup remover! She told me to go buy that instead of their version and that it was better for my skin than probably anything they had. I had NO idea. I have yet to get some … just haven’t made it to the store … but I am eager to test it out. Great to hear that someone has used it and it has worked!


  3. I also use it as a night cream, to treat eczema on my son, to roast root veggie, make paleo cupcakes, etc. etc. etc…


  4. In our house it’s a go to for everything! I would have to say my favorite way to use it is as a beauty treatment. Hair, face, legs.(:


  5. I “liked” everything on FB. And I shared on FB” I didn’t do twitter. And I LOVE you. All six of you. Love, love, love. Love. 😀 AND I use coconut oil for lotion. Period. All over. All the time. All year long. And oil pulling. It’s is so great. And I just love to eat it. I melt a TB in my coffee each morning since it is so good for my skin and my heart. And my bloodstream. Those are all three right up there. OH! And my fourth favorite use, frying chicken, a bit of flour (any kind) , salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Dredged and fried in coconut oil. Soooooooooooo yummy.


  6. My favorite way to use coconut oil…um, in everything! I bake with it, fry and sautée with it, use it as a moisturizer and natural diaper cream for my babies, for cradle cap, as deodorant, put it in my coffee, put it in my daughters’ smoothies…


  7. I’m already a subscriber to Tropical Traditions newsletter with the email: ams underscore one nine 78 at hotmail dot com.


    1. Mmmm… Slovak cookies??? Can you share a recipe? or I’d take a donations of a few cookies next time you make them!! 😉 Can’t say I’ve ever had any!


  8. I love coconut oil not only for cooking, but I also use it in my beauty routine – deodorant, moisturizer, facial cream!


  9. I love using coconut oil in so many ways, but I think my favorite benefit(s) is that it helps me have more energy, higher body temp, and I feel fuller when I include it in my meals! 🙂


    1. I use it most in baking as a dairy-free substitute for butter, but love it in so many things!!

      Subscribed, (already) liked GAG, liked TT 🙂


    2. #2- I use it all the time for rubbing on the kids when their skin gets dry/itchy. I also hear it can be used for a personal lubricant, but have yet to try it myself. 🙂


    3. #4 – The kids LOVE the paleo fudge my MIL made with it for Easter. It is SOOOO yummy, but you have to eat it quick as it melts fast in little hands!


    4. #5 – Deoderant!! How did I possibly forget about that?! I use the recipe listed here on this blog. LOVE it. I have tried countless “natural” store-bought alternatives, but nothing works as well as the coconut oil mix I make at home.


    5. #6 – Not sure if today is the last day or if it is closed today, but I thought I would put one last one in. My daughter gets red from time to time on her labia and a little coconut oil at night has the redness cleared up by morning. My hubby wanted me to say that his favorite use of coconut oil is when I make hot chicken wing sauce. 🙂


  10. comment #3:
    Another awesome thing about coconut oil: I use it to make a healthy frappaccino.
    Blend it up with espresso and a little honey, and the result is creamy and rich like a coffee milkshake. I usually add a little coconut milk, too. Sometimes cinnamon. SO good.


  11. Liked you on Facebook, liked TT, subscribed to TT and will share on Facebook. I’ve never used coconut oil but will have to look into it since recently decided I want to stop using those other oils.


  12. Don’t know if we can still comment today, but here is one more: I love coconut oil plain by the spoonful as I hear it helps with candida from abx treatments.


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